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  • ur right i am 18. im really just trying to use a hormone as a booster just to get me started. i even considered using that arimedexin PCT as a cycle itself. i figured it would be ok since it is low dosage. i actually planned on forgetting about the h-drol and starting the arimedexin tomorrow
    hey bro, so im back with some news. i wasnt able to get my hands on that stuff you told me to get plus its kinda pricey. i was on the other hand able to find some h-drol, which i read is much less potent than m-drol and has way less risks. what do you think about this? and if i do decide to use h-drol what pct should i use?
    alright. thanks for the advise. the mdrol is out. p.s. sorry i keep writing here but i not able to send private messages yet.
    they shut down my post. well i am as of now 3 days into the cycle but i am going to discontinue the m-drol usage. anything you may have in mind that i could use? i was thinking of using the arimidexin and using that as a cycle but i dont know how that would work and i also read some bad reviews about rimedexin saying that "is isnt a pct" and that it is a havoc clone. any advise?
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