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    Injection daily?

    Thanks brother. It’s good to be back.
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    Injection daily?

    Depends on your SHBG level. The lower it is, the faster your body clears testosterone and the more frequent your injections.
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    Naringin has been recommended by several members in my TRT group for controlling RBC/Hematocrit. Several have sworn by it.
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    Kleen leans up with BLR FOLLIDRONE and EXOTHERM! (sponsored)

    Family first! May God smile down on all of you.
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    Best long term add to TRT?

    @kisaj! Nice to see you again. Please come back into my log and tell me how you’ve been. There are tons of TRT resources but I recommend these: TRT Tip: Recommended Websites PeakTestosterone Testosterone Resource Excel Male...
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    Prostate support on trt?

    Yes sir. False high PSA can occur from sex/ejaculation, bike/motorcycle riding, or other groin aggravation such as lower body workouts, up to 48-72 hours before blood draw.
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    Kat and Puccah's Strong is the new sexy log

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    Hyde’s Strength Odyssey

    Cola never worked for me. Oxalic acid works 4-5 tablespoons in a gallon of water.
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    Kleen leans up with BLR FOLLIDRONE and EXOTHERM! (sponsored)

    Prayers for your parents! Jeez Chris! You can’t catch a break here! Stay healthy brother.
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    Prescribed TRT recommendations

    I have a partial list of TRT Clinics in my Facebook group called TRT Advice. They range from $128 to $300 per month for a cookie cutter protocol with the more expensive ones including basic labs.
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    Hyde’s Strength Odyssey

    Nice score on the equipment. Your wife is a keeper! Liking the variety in your lifting sessions. Nice job.
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    Kleen leans up with BLR FOLLIDRONE and EXOTHERM! (sponsored)

    A day without pain is a good day. Congratulations on your raise and bonus! I remember those days of reviews! Lol.
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    edje007...spreading my wings

    Stay safe and wishing you and family health!!
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    Deca dose on TRT

    I have a list in my Facebook group called “TRT Advice”.
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    Blood Lipid Result Questions

    Yes. Cholesterol actually is the building block for hormones. Start eating more healthy fats in your diet along with red meat.