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  1. DCP Update

    Got my shipping notification! 🤟
  2. DCP Update

    The new version doesn’t have capsaicin correct? Capsaicin isn’t listed on the label but is in the ingredients list on the product page.
  3. Next PES Insider Deal???

    Bummer it’s excluded from the bb sale. Haven’t stocked up since Black Friday 2018 when it was $33.47 per 55 serving. Glad I picked up 40 tubs cuz it’s 25% pricier now with the PES rewards program.
  4. EvoMuse BMP Writeup (UPDATED)

    @dsade if fasting and using EC until 4pm daily would it be better to take 2 caps pre workout 5pm and 2 caps pre bed ~12am instead of the morning dose?
  5. BMP™ Improved Formula Presale

    @dsade If you tell me I can use BMP with ECY I will order 12 bottles right now. Edit: ordered 12 anyway
  6. EvoMuse Presents: Eviscerate HYPERNova

    I’m that way too. EC+Alpha y(8mg alpha burn)gives me mild anxiety and jitters but EC+10mg Y-HCL(SNS) does not. I still use alpha burn anyway 🤷🏻‍♂️
  7. EvoMuse Presents: TopMuscle™ (writeup)

    Thanks. Guess I’ll just have to open one to see if it’s hypernova or topmuscle.
  8. EvoMuse Presents: TopMuscle™ (writeup)

    Can someone please share a photo/description of the bottle the betas came in? I have a handful of unlabeled evomuse bottles and can’t tell what’s what. Thanks in advance.
  9. EvoMuse Presents: BRITE Enhanced Capsules (Writeup)

    Can we take Brite and DCP caps at the same time or is it best to separate the doses?
  10. Next PES Insider Deal???

    What's up with the 25% increase in Select Vegan insider price? Haven't followed PES in a long time
  11. Impeccable

    Shame. Did you notice any changes at all that can't be attributed to other factors?
  12. EvoMuse Presents: TopMuscle™ (writeup)

    Do you need to hit all muscle groups you applied to within 15-30 min? e.g. apply to pecs and delts but don't do medial/posterior delt work until 60+ min into workout
  13. EvoMuse Presents: Eviscerate HYPERNova

    Opened a super clumpy one purchased during the cinco de mayo sale today. It's kinda amusing how much the quality of the topical varies from batch to batch. Been going on for years and I don't understand the lack of consistency
  14. Impeccable

    Any feedback?
  15. EvoMuse Presents: GÜT HEALTH Ultimate

    Took advantage of the sale and picked up another year supply. This stuff is great for my bean-filled lifestyle.