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  1. S23, Ostarine, Hexadrone cut

    End of week 5. Weight loss continues! Lost a little under 3 pounds in about a week. Perhaps I went a little too aggressive in the calorie cutting department, but figured my body can still preserve the muscle even with above rapid loss due to the compounds plus it was just frustrating not seeing...
  2. 20 weeks into TRT and lipid issues

    Are you on an AI? Those can impact your lipids because they decrease estrogen.
  3. Tendinitis and Labor Job

    I keep moving the number up of what I consider old. When I was 20 I would tell you a 45 year old is old af. Now that I am nearly that age I consider you have to be 60 to qualify to be old af. Hopefully I will be a cool 60 year old who runs compounds too in an assisted living home 😂!
  4. How many fucking times do I gotta tell myself

    Whole wheat bagels with zero calorie spray butter is also good and tastes like your eating junk food.
  5. How many fucking times do I gotta tell myself

    That taste even better than peanuts! Good idea!
  6. Tendinitis and Labor Job

    I use SNS Cissus XT and Now brands Glucomannan with black pepper extract for absorption and it rid me of my tennis elbow I had for months. Both have scientific studies to back up relief of joint pain. I keep taking them for preventative purposes since I am an old 41 year old man that likes to lift.
  7. Senators introduce bill to make SARMs controlled substances

    Probably not this year, but I think it will pass in some form in 2020 or 2021. Congress generally has ill will for any muscle builders that work in the slightest. Don’t want dudes getting bigger than their pencil necks!
  8. Sarms Banned?

    You can run M Sten or DMZ without much fear of legal repercussion. They are technically controlled substances, but they were not explicitly stated in the designer steroid ban so there are still US companies making/selling it. Never hear of anyone getting into legal trouble for possessing these...
  9. How many fucking times do I gotta tell myself

    Try eating peanuts. It is a high calorie, low carb, non junk, healthy fat, protein filled food that I find I can get myself to eat even on a methyl. One serving is like just a handful and doesn’t take much time to eat and has 170 calories so I find am able to force myself to eat them even with a...
  10. Epistane and Halodrol legal status

    Ok, thanks. They need to update Wikipedia’s page that states Epistane is not on the list. I figured they were since most US companies don’t sell that stuff (unlike DMZ and M Sten).
  11. Epistane and Halodrol legal status

    I know Epistane and Halodrol are technically illegal due to their chemical structure being that of a steroid. My question is are they EXPLICITLY listed on the controlled substance prohormone designer steroid act like Superdrol was or were they left off like DMZ and M Sten?
  12. Halodrol (the original version) verse M Sten

    For anyone who has run both of these compounds, which one did you find more effective for adding mass? Which one had less side effects in regards to the liver and blood pressure? (For Halodrol I am referring to the original formula by Gaspari, not the Hi Tech crap currently on the market).
  13. On cycle Prostate Help

    Off topic, but curious, will an inflamed prostate on cycle typically naturally resolve itself when the cycle ceases?
  14. Low Free Testosteron - Recommendations

    Lol 😂
  15. Low Free Testosteron - Recommendations

    I had free t below normal levels with total t in range and found a dr. who agreed to put me on trt, however I was in my late thirties so I don’t know if that is a route you would want to pursue at your your age. The dht increase from the trt Test shots lowers SHGB which In turn increases free t.