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  1. Recent shoulder injury

    Would the first step a Dr. would take be an X-ray? I have met my deductible so maybe I will go straight to this route.
  2. Recent shoulder injury

    I had a finger injury and broke the tip bone of my middle finger so I had to change my workout routine to work around it. Had to stop free weights entirely and had to do all machines, cables, and the smith machine. I started using the smith machine which I normally don’t use for bench presses...
  3. Broken tip portion of bone of middle finger

    Ya I try to stick mostly to free weights with some exceptions. Using the machines is a nice change of place. Enjoyed the machine shoulder raise today and can go to more of a complete failure with that over dumbbells!
  4. Broken tip portion of bone of middle finger

    Thanks for the tip bro. Ya PM me the rehab and recovery details please.
  5. Broken tip portion of bone of middle finger

    Don’t normally use that many machines but at gym today I paid more attention to the machines they have and they do have a pec dec and lateral raise for shoulders.
  6. Broken tip portion of bone of middle finger

    How long you have to wear a brace?
  7. Broken tip portion of bone of middle finger

    Thanks ripper!!!! That’s the kind of answer I was looking for bro!
  8. 6 week superdroll cycle

    When I run Ephedrine the following product works perfect at lowering my blood pressure and keeping it in range. I pick it up on Amazon.
  9. Broken tip portion of bone of middle finger

    Thats what sucks about LA Fitness bro, they don’t have this or a pec deck!!! I might see if I can grasp cable handles for some shoulder isolation work but with only a couple free fingers in one hand I doubt it.
  10. Broken tip portion of bone of middle finger

    Ya the only thing that sucks is not many shoulders isolation machines. At least I can do presses.
  11. 6 week superdroll cycle

    1000 mg TUDCA split into 2 daily doses of 500 mg a day or 4 250 mg doses a day plus 3000 mg NAC a day split into 3 doses for liver control. Also pick up something for lipid control. I like Molecular Nutrition’s Lipid Stabil.
  12. 2nd try

    Finally, the day before last bad lifting practice finally caught up to me. I was doing dumbbell shoulder presses and dropped the dumbbells, rather than placing them on the floor and the 45 pound dumbbell landed on the edge of my middle finger and broke the tip bone and I had to get six...
  13. 2nd try

    The only lab work I ran was my liver because I am not going to pay to know what I already know that my lipids are way out of whack from all the gear I ran for 11 weeks. I ran Superdrol for 8 weeks at 20 mg a day. Liver supports were 3000 mg NAC and 1000 mg TUDCA a day. My bilirubin was in range...
  14. 2nd try

    These 2 pics are from yesterday, one week after the end of the cycle, after dropping 7 pounds of glycogen.
  15. 2nd try

    These 2 pics are of the first day of my cycle