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    Unanswered Do you take anything special to help you boost immune system during winter or flu season?

    Apart from what is mentioned above: Good night’s sleep Frequent hand washing (sanitizer too) Ensuring your home/room has right humidity...adding humidifier and maintaining if not
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    Unanswered SARM STACK & PCT

    My sweet spot is 20-30 mg/ed. 30 would be the higher end of my dose. I usually kick my cycle with 20 and finish off at 30. Effects should be noticeable at 20 tho...
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    Unanswered SARM STACK & PCT

    I threw an edit on the post. What’s your dose?
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    Unanswered SARM STACK & PCT

    Then you didn’t get RAD, or maybe dosed too low. 3 weeks is she it starts to shine. Dense solid gains. My only downside is I felt lethargy like a MF.
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    Unanswered What happened to Nuraplanet??

    They were my go to in the mid 2000’s. They’ve been crap for some time. It’s sad, but there are some other great retailers to take their place. That’s life I guess.
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    Supps For Free Test on TRT

    Sheer many docs did you see? You’re 21 now and have been on TRT for 6 months already? Did you start @ 20? Also, super high dose of adex and no HGH for now?
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    Answered Value of Natty supps on anabolics

    Yes to any/all supports needed for cycle. No to the other stuff.
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    11-Oxo (Adrenosterone) cycle

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    Unanswered rad140 and libido

    No, never have. I’ll take a look at that option next time I run. Seems interesting.
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    Unanswered Thoughts on HCG

    ? Talk to your Dr. as trying for pregnancy for only 3 months doesn’t necessarily mean anything is wrong. Could be you, could be her. Could be nothing. Keep trying. Clomid has been used in fertility situations for men in the past but I can’t speak to its efficacy when used in this manner. I...
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    Unanswered Best site for BPC-157

    I’ve run MA products. Good to go.
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    Unanswered CEL Stano-Plex 300 vs BSL Superstrol-7?

    HTP owns the licensing on 1/4 andro. Everybody in the US has to play by their rules if they want those compounds. BSL, STEEL, etc... If you see liposomal or cylcosomal delivery...HTP.
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    Unanswered Is Arimistane/DAA enough pct for lgd-4033 cycle? first cycle

    ATD runs great. Was all about the Gaspari product before the day. I order from across the pond these days. Atd is my preference...I’ve just run it more and I know exactly how I’ll react by dose. For libido I’d say formestane > ATD. ATD can be tricky for libido.
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    Unanswered BPC- 157

    I feel your pain man, I ruptured my patellar tendon 4 years ago this summer. I did not use chem intervention to accelerate healing. It was nauseatingly slow. Took a long time to get back [emoji817] so don’t expect to heal quickly...even with support. That said as I was starting to end PT and...
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    Do you regret it?

    Nope never, no regrets here. Frankly, knowing what I know now I prob would of ran more...but smarter cycles if that makes any sense