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  • Oh gosh.... even before it became a commercially viable product (price wise) in this country. Going back over 10 years ago.... I was ordering the product straight out of Russia. I don't even want to tell you how much I was paying. Later, the old Kilosports was selling 20g bottles of standardized 20-H from RCE for (mercifully) $100/bottle. It just died from there for a few years as most companies moved to Cyanotis Vaga b/c it was cheaper (Syntrax being the #1 offendor). Then it re-emerged but by that time I had moved on to the functional analogs (compounds 1-4 in the Soviet literature).

    I originally ran cycles mimicking androgens, a big mistake. Then began my research into how they were REALLY used. Contacted Mark Thierman, Rick Brunner of Atletika/ fame and eventually, old Eastern Bloc trainers/athletes to discuss their use. That's how The Blueprint was born..
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