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  1. Unanswered Alchemist's lean mass cycle (SD, Primo, Tren Hex and Var)

    What do you mean by dangerous? I also use peptides preworkout.
  2. Heart Health Supplements

    Recently got bloodwork done and my total cholesterol was 396. The following dietary changes and supplements were recommended by some very knowledgable guys on this forum: Eliminate eggs and red meat, replace animal fat with olive oil, avocados, nuts, and seeds. Eat lower carb using vegetables...
  3. Proposed cycle looking for input

    Looks good to me, I would just maybe add some NAC because of superdrol. If you have never used GH before, I would recommend buying a blood glucose meter and periodically checking your fasting glucose. 5 IUs is enough to make most people pre-diabetic with time.
  4. Is The Keto Diet Just a Fad Diet?

    Missed your post at first, is it a hyper response to cholesterol, saturated fat, or both? I've always had a meat rich diet, but it wasn't until keto my blood cholesterol skyrocketed, which makes me think high animal fat intake is the culprit, and not the actual cholesterol content of my diet.
  5. Is The Keto Diet Just a Fad Diet?

    225 grams
  6. Is The Keto Diet Just a Fad Diet?

    I agree with you for the most part, but I am in great shape and was/am eating very clean. Points you've made that could apply to me: I was 5 months into keto at the time of the 400 cholesterol score Eating 4-8 eggs a day Eating tons of coconut products What would you consider moderate fat...
  7. ZOO's AHRT Project: Super TRT, Injury, and Recomp Experiment

    Great to hear about your elbow! You're gonna have to post some pics soon with SD in the mix!
  8. Is The Keto Diet Just a Fad Diet?

    170, so it more than doubled. I've reduced my daily animal fat consumption from about 150 g to less than 20 g, and started quite a few LDL cholesterol lowering supplements.
  9. im getting help thanks

    Mk is also prescribed at up to 40 mg in high end HRT clinics now, it's not just some random research chem anymore. Obviously not all prescription drugs are super safe, but that's got to say something for its safety profile.
  10. Is The Keto Diet Just a Fad Diet?

    I just quit keto because my total cholesterol came back at 400. My doctor is threatening to put me on a statin so I think that's the end of keto for me.
  11. Unanswered Alchemist's lean mass cycle (SD, Primo, Tren Hex and Var)

    Seriously, no way he is 13-14% right now.
  12. AG's Trenbolone Blast

    I believe Aromasin increases IGF-1
  13. Can I please get some input on this

    I'm a big fan of John Meadows and really like his pyramids. Especially on incline dumbell press, 5 sets of 8 increasing weight on each set until you can't get 8 reps.
  14. Unanswered Matthersby log: Old man on a mission

    @Mike Arnold what do you think of running GH on the 4 off days, with the 8 on 4 off method? Really interested in this protocol and will be trying it out soon.
  15. Unanswered Matthersby log: Old man on a mission

    I believe it because I can feel it, next time you run mk (after atleast a month of in my experience) just jump right into 25 mg, and experience the sides of a high GH dose.