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    Why isn't Pregnenolone more popular?

    Because it’s the mother hormone. It converts to test, estrogen and cortisol depending on your needs/state
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    How do you feel when your'e "off" supplements?

    What is this “off” state you speak of? [emoji848][emoji13]
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    Slow Metabolism - What to take to help drop BF

    Lots of things affect metabolism. Cortisol, T4/T3 and TBP, B12, your activity levels or total daily energy expenditure vs your caloric intake. Macro balance can affect it also. There are training methods you can use to increase metabolism (increase mitochondrial density) and diet...
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    The New Product Release Thread

    Yes. They are at a few MaxMuscle stores and Formula Nutrition carries them also.
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    The New Product Release Thread

    Use MAGNA30 code for 30% off at MSI
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    Looking for an Intra CARB+BCAA/EAA Drink

    Rapid Refuel by Muscle Sport International is by far the best I have ever used. 2:1 ratio of proteins to carbs. Has joint supps, electrolytes, Aminos and more. It’s a solid complete product. I have yet to find a comparable product all in one.
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    Any more info or links. I love this stuff
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    Laxogenin. legit or bs?

    It’s good. Not AAS good but it works.
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    The New Product Release Thread

    Muscle Sport International Black Rhino Pumped Stim free preworkout
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    Best option for recomp

    Look into AlphaSRM from Muscle Sport - it's a nice recomp supp. Laxogenin and some other goodies in it. I like it a lot. It's been making me feel good and recouping with ease
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    What preworkout still contain DMAA

    I only used the one with noopept
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    What preworkout still contain DMAA

    Yes. It's a very nice clean feeling. I really love that it has all the vitamins and essential Aminos etc in the mix. It's NOT your typical preworkout.
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    What preworkout still contain DMAA

    Dust extreme is great as is the new Ultimate Orange.
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    The New Product Release Thread

    Eradicate fat loss? That's a double negative indicating that fat loss will be eradicated or stopped. :-) should be eradicate fat!
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    Any love for somatomax???

    Somatomax rocks. Wish it didn't have aspartame though. Lemon drop is good. They used to make watermelon but I never see it anymore. That banana flavor is gawd awful IMO Take 1 scoop with some DMAA based stim preworkout and it's like mild extacy