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  1. Mk-677 / Ibutamoren

    I think 12.5mg mk and sth like 2 iu of gh a day would be perfect, Gh in the morning, mk at night. @Drolball inhibit p? You also get flare ups from mk?
  2. Do SARMS affect hct/hgb? Thinking of an alternative to test ( lgd/mk/igf cycle)

    I know man, we'll see where my crit will be in may. So in other words better to low dose an oral like dbol... Well at least dbol in itself is a good base as it is estrogenic.
  3. Word Association Thread!!!!!!!!11

  4. NPP vs Anavar

    When you are sleep deprived for any amount of time you tend to get desperate, i know from experience.
  5. Do SARMS affect hct/hgb? Thinking of an alternative to test ( lgd/mk/igf cycle)

    Ok so i am interested to find out from you broskies who ran sarms did it have an impact on your hematocrit levels? Id est, do they raise them like steroids? I have issues with high hematocrit and borderline low ferritin even now 4 months after i came off, very last bloodwork shows 52.3% hct...
  6. Mk-677 / Ibutamoren

    Mk677 runs circles around melatonin when it comes to sleep quality. It is not even fair comparison from my experience. Also, did anyone else notice disproportionate increase in leg strength on mk/peptides compared to upper body? Seems opposite to aas, which disproportionately increase...
  7. NPP vs Anavar

    What kind of mental sides? Just anxiety or?
  8. NPP vs Anavar

    Idk man test is really the only one i dont have some kind of apprehension about when running. Anavar would be close 2nd if my lipids didnt go south too much (would depend on the bloodwork, but again, a month shouldnt be terrible). Primo is another one that seems forgiving, but since i wont do...
  9. NPP vs Anavar "According to the present results, the order of the examined AASs regarding their toxicity was found to be nandrolone > trenbolone > testosterone > stanozolol" i GUESS anavar in theory should be something like stanozolol...
  10. NPP vs Anavar

    Between the two, npp and var, i would personally choose var, just because the whole 19 nor neurotoxicity scares me a bit, and nandrolone is supposed to be worse than tren in that regard. What is wrong with 500 test a week? You could always do a little less if you think 500 is too much, say...
  11. Why injectable superdrol is weaker than oral

    Interesting. Will watch. The guy usually puts out quality content.
  12. Mk-677 / Ibutamoren

    I am telling you man... the difference in recovery and energy is huge. Especially at 12.5mg a day. At 25 i get some lethargy but i lean out, at 12.5 i didnt notice a whole lot of fat loss.
  13. NPP vs Anavar

    Yeah man anavar is often said to be mild (heck, females run it) but what is often forgotten is that male dosages are very different from female dosages. What may not be that toxic at 10mg a day sure as hell can be at 50. It is still c17 aa. If i were to run test and anavar i would start with...
  14. Is methyl 1 testosterone even worth it

    So m1t puts a lot of water weight on you while SD doesnt ? i know that SD is methylated masteron, so should be dry.

    @Smont but havent you also been on a hefty dose of test at the time? how can you tell which one is responsible for the transformation?