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  • CJ_Xfit89
    was it covered with insurance?
    VAIO-----bro get a real laptop like toshiba satellite hahah
    gotta work out a program that will burn BF but also help me as a runner.
    paleo bro- its the way to go for health...yum lots of coconut and steak and eggs and sweet potato in moderation
    Dead space sucks. Im in between jobs but am studying full time at uni. exams :(
    Glad you back on track though man!!!
    Hey buddy!
    Glad to hear that you've slapped on some mass! But yeah, then there's the never ending struggle of trying to balance out the bodyfat after gaining. Kettlebells are a brilliant tool to have in one's training arsenal, maybe those can help you to shed some of that fat...
    Ahhh, things are okay man, working as an administrator at a highschool alongside my PT'ing. Trying to fill dead space during the day by making money with a different job. My laptop got stolen while I was on holiday as well. Can you believe that sh*t?

    Yeahhh, I missed our chats too mate, but I will be around a lot more now that things are less crazy, and now that I replaced my Vaio that got pinched.

    As ever, if you ever need pointers just hit me up, either here or on my email address. Talk soon, take it easy mate!
    Good Morning! Well, from my experience once I started taking supplements (vitamins, Whey protien, hoodia, etc....) If you want a more detailed list I can see what I can come up for you. I have increased my endurance and achieve my goals on a weekly basis. So far I have lost 45 pounds. I am not sure how much %fat loss but I know it is way higher than my weight! I do P90X & Insanity mostly. I make a shake (protein shake) in the mornings and I have a shake that I make that has over 70+ ingredients that is filled with nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Also, I enjoy a recovery formula after my workouts to help restore my muscles and give me more energy. PureBulk.com is where I get most my supplements. The have a new site coming out soon that is more user friendly but in the mean time you can check them out. They got great prices. Keeping your body fueled is what is going to give you the endurance that your looking for. And the more you run, the longer you will be able to go!
    **** bro. I haven't logged into my AM account in forever. My laptop got left at home while I left the country and got stranded abroad. How's it all going?
    Dwight Schrute
    Hello runner_79,

    Welcome to AM!

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