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    Best fat burner

    Nope. And I HATE yohimbine.
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    Anabolic Effect Question

    I take 3 fasted before my workout almost every day and haven't had any issues at all.
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    Best fat burner

    SNS Thermagize XT has been treating me well recently. Can't comment on weight loss since I mainly just use it for a quick boost here and there but I'd imagine it would work well in a deficit. Not to mention you would probably only need 1 pill a day so you'd get 2 months out of it.
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    Protein Wars -- Who You Voting For?

    Optimum Whey is so mediocre. Anyone who has actually tried better products will agree. I would put it towards the end of my list mainly since the flavor is so watered down.
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    Protein Wars -- Who You Voting For?

    Isolit doesn’t get the love it deserves IMO. Cinnamon milk is unreal. Mix it with my oats every morning and never get sick of it.
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    Unanswered OL?

    Almost every single time I’ve used an OL product something has been off. Whether it’s a broken pump on a transdermal or a bottle short 10+ capsules, it’s always something.
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    Unanswered Primeval Intracell 7 Black stomach issues

    I had the exact same reaction to the original Intracell 7. I’d have a great workout, have my post workout meal and before I even put the fork down I’d be in the bathroom. I could never make sense of it since I’ve used all the ingredients in it before.
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    MASSIVE BLR SALE/ UP TP 40% off!!!!!

    Got it. I was gonna say I don’t remember it being $40!
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    MASSIVE BLR SALE/ UP TP 40% off!!!!!

    Yeah, and vector is only showing 25% off...
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    Unanswered Adulterated beet juice powder contains sildenafil or tadalafil

    So what’s the point in this thread if you won’t say what brand it is?
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    Unanswered Your all time favorite protein powder flavors?

    As far as cheap AND good my favorite is MP chocolate caramel pretzel. You can usually get 11lbs for under $50.
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    The case for DMAA - thoughts?

    Good as new! Took 50mg the other day and potency seems fine (expired in 2012)
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    Unanswered How long can i “run” ECA??

    My main concern would be your cortisol taking a beating. I’d give your body a few weeks off after 2 months.
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    Unanswered Best non stim pre workout?

    Oh perfect! I bought 3 tubs as part of a sale a while back so I'm probably still using the original.
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    Unanswered Best non stim pre workout?

    Hard to beat VasoBlitz in this category; simple yet really effective. My only complaint about the product is that the tub is too narrow and it's nearly impossible to get the last few scoops out, but that's nothing that would prevent me from buying.