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  1. Topical AndroLotion

    Meaning that 3AD wont cause gyno to flare up? I guess there is no way of telling without bloodwork, but if the gyno was caused because I used it on the chest.
  2. Topical AndroLotion

    I thought after surgery there was no chance of it coming back, that sucks. I will just stop and run ralox and sell the bottles, not worth the risk.
  3. What is the Best Ecdysterone or Turkesterone Supplement

    I dont know if gorilla mind Turk is all that great but its popular due to a youtuber and it sold out yesterday in like 3 minutes. To run proper dose of gorilla turk would cost $150 a month. It better give super results at that price.
  4. Topical AndroLotion

    Yes was applying it to chest but avoided nipple area. So I am torn, do I keep taking it just dont apply to chest, maybe shoulder, arms, abdomen... and take ralox that I have on hand to take care of the gyno. Or cut my losses and quit androlotion all together. This was 1st hormonal product I have...
  5. Topical AndroLotion

    I have not got bloodwork so I wouldn't know, but they gyno agitation after 2weeks is no good for me. I have ralox and now will run it but will have to stop androlotion
  6. Topical AndroLotion

    I have been on the orginal androlotion for 2 weeks, I have been using 2 pumps in the morning and 2 pumps in the afternoon prior to workout. I have pre existing gyno from 5 years ago, have not cycled anything since. I was curious about this androlotion as it was site specific and did not cause...
  7. Tell Us What You Would Like to See From SNS & CEL (2021 Edition)

    Awesome I have been wanting to try MCC and agmatine is a staple for me and I will ne out soon
  8. Topical AndroLotion

    It is said there isn't any shutdown with this, have you noticed any signs of shutdown or possibly got bloodwork. Did you run anything else during this?
  9. SNS Furosap XT - Available Now

  10. Tell Us What You Would Like to See From SNS & CEL (2021 Edition)

    I am waiting to pull trigger on more Mtest before I see profile of optimize t. Really at 40 in need of running more testosterone support supplements. I also want to run phosphatidic xt, new anabolic alongside of it. So many options it's hard to try each product for 8 weeks solo to see how it...
  11. EvoMuse Presents: MyoSynergy 2021

    He made comments on facebook about it. Maybe he can chime in here
  12. EvoMuse Presents: MyoSynergy 2021

    Per Dsade ip6 is for bmp, as it will he added with his new version of bmp. Lactoferrin is for myo, he was going to add it in but he couldn't source a good price
  13. EvoMuse Presents: MyoSynergy 2021

    I started myo on monday, been on bmp for past 6 months. Doing bmp + ip6, myo + lactoferrin 500mg x 2, dosing creatine 5g with each dose. Just posting that in past days while working perspiration has been so much more intense, like my pores are open and it's just pouring out.... just a big...
  14. The New Product Release Thread

    Thanks, look like junk
  15. The New Product Release Thread

    How did you find this? Any label?