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  • Bry17, I'm a little concerned about the SERM stuff. I'm not positive about what I found. Is there any way you could check out this link and let me know if what I'm purchasing is going to be the right stuff. This is stating that its a synthetic estrogen. Is that right? Also why is it called Clomi?? and not that for legal purposes? Any help you could provide or insight on where I could get Clomid that would really help me out. I need to get this quickly, I want it on hand before I start. Thanks.
    Hey Bry17 sorry to bother you, I meant to pm you but couldn't bc I just registered. I have a question regarding PCT for my HDrol cycle. I would like to know what you took for your otc pct for the HDrol cycle you took. If you can thats great, and I would appreciate it!
    How do I know the retailers that are selling H-drol are legit places? I read your advice on one thread that said to stay away from ebay, is everyone else that sells it ok?? I found Island supplements, are they legit? They were a bit pricey compared to Amazon's prices....Thanx Xman
    hey Bry17, is there going to be a memorial weekend discount code
    on SN-ONLINE?
    Dwight Schrute
    Hello Bry17,

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