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  1. Shortness of breath while on cycle

    I just remember back when I bumped doses up I would always get this tightness feeling in my chest like hard to breathe and I seriously didn’t know if it was anxiety or what not but I stopped any doses like that and have no issues anymore
  2. Shortness of breath while on cycle

    If your test is dosed correctly I think 600mg is way too high of a dose. Could do 250-300mg and feel much Better..
  3. Quit your cycle now _coronavirus

    I knew the umbrella corporation was behind this! Even the lab where the virus was made in China has the same umbrella logo as the resident evil except blue and white rather than red and white. And COVID-19? Yeah that sounds like the nemesis program.
  4. Who else is board

    God no lol always on that brotha! But I just did bloodwork today so I’ll see where I stand and then take it from there maybe add a mild compound like the DHEA derivatives.. or possibly real 4-AD.. not sure if you know what those are but a lot of guys on these boards are really knowledgeable with...
  5. Who else is board

    I find myself itching to go through the PH stash who i had no interest in like 3 years. I feel like at this point even 1-DHEA will have awesome results given I have only used TRT since 2017 til now lol. Last strong compound I think was 19nor tren...dienedione back in Like 2016
  6. More questions on epi/androsterone

    Is Epi-Andro something that would stack well with test? 250mg per week?
  7. Suggestions on what to ph or sarms cycle to go with?

    I technically have all 3 original andros still 4AD androtest.. Decalone 19nor diol both from fusion supps and supposedly OG 1-AD by anabolic pharmaceuticals but god know what it really is.. hey Jim you still have the 1-AD?
  8. Which one to add to test?

    Trust me I ran the same product it is the old 19nor tren known as dienedione.. way before trenavar was around.. it’s what was in competitive edge labs X tren.. way better than trenavar. I have ran both.. I remember my buddy who owned a supp store back in the day always told me it reminded him...
  9. Suggestions on what to ph or sarms cycle to go with?

    Yes I myself ran the v3 andromass but it wasn’t as good as the V2 because they took out the 1-andro... super mandro and andro the giant would be identical to andromass V2.. which I never ran but I believe had better results.. can anyone chime in on this?
  10. Which one to add to test?

    Ohh that tren one is really good!! I did that like almost 4 years ago now also with test and it was pretty awesome.. that’s the original 19nor tren dienedione
  11. 4 Andro 19 Nor Stack (Oral method effective and is 19 Nor effective higher dosage)

    Any reason why you never ran the Decalone? I still have the two bottles because it was a buy one get one like a year and a half ago so I said screw it I’ll get it in case. Just kinda nervous for side effects
  12. Delta 2... Info?

    Yeah delta 2 is known as 2-androstenone which is actually a 1 step precursor to as ripper said.. no methyl phera aka 2 androstenol. Only clone I know being made is on predator nutrition. I think 1-dhea might be stronger but I’m not sure.. ripper and I were talking about the dhea stuff yesterday...
  13. 4 Andro 19 Nor Stack (Oral method effective and is 19 Nor effective higher dosage)

    Do you think the lethargy has to do with having a test base or is it just the compound itself?
  14. 4 Andro 19 Nor Stack (Oral method effective and is 19 Nor effective higher dosage)

    I know this is probably not a good comparison but based off your experiences would you say 1-dhea can be comparable to the old 1-AD if dosed high enough? Also like 4-Dhea to 4-AD? The thing is.. people can still get legit 4-AD as androtest by fusion supplements.. not the case for the old 1-AD

    Dude why would you even question the validity of a prescription drug through a US doctor lol.. that’s like me questioning wether my doc prescribed Xanax is real.. dude all this stuff has to pass so many tests and stuff I wouldn’t even question it.