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    Unanswered Arimidex (Anxiety/Depression)

    Anyone else notice a feeling off depression days after dosing Arimidex/Anastrazole? I have been holding off using it as often as i feel anxious and slight depression the days following. Nothing major but i just don't want to have this side effect constantly. I use 0.25mg every 2-3 days (Well...
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    Unanswered Pre workout recommendations

    That looks like a tub of depression [emoji23] 1'3 is awesome but the comedown is hell. If he is stim sensitive that pre would blow his head off.
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    Unanswered Blood thinners? (TIA)

    Thanks bro. Appreciate you writing all this out. Yeh its VERY scary ain't it? I have never felt something like that in my life. Horrible experience. Do you suffer these? By the sounds of it they can re-occur? [emoji54]. The Doctor says to me don't be alarmed but a TIA is a sign of a future...
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    Unanswered Blood thinners? (TIA)

    Got them on hand. I have been giving 2 separate blood thinners and Aspirin is one of them.
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    Unanswered Blood thinners? (TIA)

    Ever get a wake up call and say to yourself.. That was a close one!? 2 days ago i was moving houses (Started Saturday Morning) apart from the usual stress's that house moving creates we we're actually getting everything packed and moved with no hassles at all. Weather was absolutely spot on for...
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    Unanswered What’s everyone’s favorite pre with dynamine?

    Just had a nosey at the label.. Pretty well packed out with ingredients and decent doses. The effects any good?
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    Unanswered What’s everyone’s favorite pre with dynamine?

    Isn't Dynamine just the same as caffeine and blocks Adenosine from binding to the receptors? Caffeine.. Yes... Is a fantastic chemical/compound but its nothing magic (Just my opinion) after a period caffeine just becomes so overly consumed that your intolerance makes it have little/zero impact...
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    Unanswered Does multiple meals provide more benefit than eating 1-2 times a day?

    Hi guys. I have currently been doing 2 meals per day. I use to do the classic 5-6 small meals a day but i genuinely find larger meals less frequent so much better. I always felt hungry on the small meals and it's less hassle prepping this and i feel far more satiated. Recently i have been...
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    Unanswered What's everyones fat intake?

    You focus in on healthier fat options to? I thought i might have been overkill with forking out the extra £££,$$$ for these. Though i have noticed a difference in my overall health. Especially my skin.. So far i am saying it has been beneficial [emoji106]
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    Unanswered What's everyones fat intake?

    Over the last few month i have been trying to focus on adding "Healthy" fats to my diet. I have been very picky with fats for some reason?. I believe they have a ton of health benefits and in general are a needed macronutrient for overall health and wellbeing. I eat proteins from all the...
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    Unanswered The risk vs reward...

    I have this exact same mindset now. I am 33 and have put enough junk through my body over the years. I actually made a post recently to see how people keep good health on TRT and the response was very limited. I personally work with my Doctor and use bloodwork for identifying any abnormal...
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    Unanswered Running out of breath around the house

    Damn man.. Heart attack? Do you get check up's now and again to see if your ticker is keeping up? I am on TRT and i always get paranoid about heart issues. My family have a running problem with heart trouble and i always have this overcast thought if i am gonna inherit it while also making it...
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    Unanswered Anyway to find caffeine content in proprietary blends?

    Might be a dumb question but can a company completely hide the caffeine content in the proprietary blend? Just wondered what i am roughly intaking daily. I noticed most blends have grams per scoop but no content amounts at all (Which i can fully understand) Would the company disclose this if i...
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    Serotonin Syndrome?

    Ah ok [emoji106] I just didn't have a good reaction with this Pre Workout. I have looked over the ingredients and none really should interfere with serotonin? I think Fluoxetine is one of the milder SSRI's as well? You notice a difference with the lexapro? I was anxious about going on an SSRI...
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    Unanswered Running out of breath around the house

    No way! I know when i donate blood i ALWAYS feel better (I am on TRT) i usually go every 2-3 months and get it done. If the OP is still getting breathless etc then may be worth going to the doctor and getting referred to donate blood? You will notice the difference within a day [emoji106]