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  1. Clomid (Satans pill)

    I thought you were going to say you had blurry vision. I never had any of those side effects that you mentioned. The drug is prescribed to men as a fertility med, so I'm sure you can find a whole list of potential side effects in men online, as well as men sharing their experiences with it. I...
  2. Clomid (Satans pill)

    Poisonous berries are natural too but I'd rather PCT with clomid. My point was that this whole idea of what's "toxic" or "poisonous" is a little bizarre considering we're taking drugs that negatively affect our hormones, liver, blood pressure, etc.
  3. Clomid (Satans pill)

    If SERMs are toxic are AAS and PHs poison?
  4. Dbol - no strength gains

    It doesn't make any sense that you're not getting strength gains from dbol, especially if you gained 15lbs of water weight. Something is not adding up here.
  5. Clomid (Satans pill)

    No issues with clomid here.
  6. I have recovered. (Pct) thank god

    If it were me, the minimum time I would take off is 20 weeks. Given your paranoia, I think that should be your minimum as well.
  7. What are the best otc pcts?

    You can still get 6-bromo. I have a few bottles. I'll probably use it for PCT in conjunction with clomid.
  8. Im terrified. Please read regarding PCT

    Could be. I've been able to run AIs pretty high without noticeable feelings of effects but it does kill a lot of people's sex drive. Could be that the SERM is bunk, in which case it could take substantially longer to recover. Could be a lot of different things. It's the risk you take going in.
  9. Im terrified. Please read regarding PCT

    Hate to say it but this is one of the reasons I don't run a 16 week cycle. You need to give it more time to come back. But the people here are right... nothing is guaranteed. These are the risks going in and when you're running 16 week cycles you have to know that the chances increase.
  10. Do you benefit from stacking compounds

    Yes, although I think many people stack too much. For the most part I keep it very simple. I'd rather run a single compound with a test base rather than stack a bunch of compounds which will give you a little more results and a lot more side effects. Everyone is different though.
  11. Where’d medfit go

    Glad I got a bottle of Medfit M1A stashed away.
  12. Topic of the Week: The Single Best Supplement You've Taken

    I think "prohormones aside" was the key factor there.
  13. 1 and 4 andro cycle

    If you're looking for a mild oral maybe something like hdrol, mecha or protodrol? Although at that point, you might as well just run the tbol.
  14. Two product stack for mass and strength?

    Yes it can be. I suppose it really depends where you are in your training and such and if everything else is on point. I took it when it first came out at a point where I wasn't getting any stronger or bigger, so I had transitioned to PHs right after.
  15. experience anyone?

    I order Brawn PHs there and had them shipped to USA with no issues.