Vampiro's Log

  1. Vampiro's Log

    This will be my log/ workout journal/ diet journal.

    I will log as much as I can featuring all food, supplements, training/ workout routines, ETC. That way I don't have to waste so much room in Anabolic Minds different subjects.

    I will start logging tomorrow, I am inviting all to follow (if you choose to) and all advise on how to accomplish my goals. I will set goals tomorrow.

  2. I am 5'10 , 165 pounds, and motivated. Recently coming out of a 22 day Purus D-Pol cycle. I purchased Hemo-Rage and anabeta for my next supplements to use.

  3. I am on day three with my Purus recycle. I'm taking 4 a day 2 morning at 1150 and two at night around 2100 and 2200.

  4. Day 5 concluded:
    - 2 caps in morning at 1135
    - great workout just now

    Bench press 185 maxed 10 reps still (should increase next weekly 5 pounds)

    Incline press 175 maxed at 6 reps (should increase by 5-10 pounds next week)

    Pull ups maxed with 4 reps. I was disappointed we will see what happens next week with these.

    Dips at 10. I could do more if I wanted to but I was adding pullups and reverse curls with it.

    Dumbbell curls maxed 35 each with 10 reps. I could do more but like I said I was doing multiple exercises workouts.

    Also jogs half a mile. Trying to build up to 2 miles.

  5. Day 7
    2 caps in morning at 1200 after a workout from 1100 to 1200.

    Today was biceps/ triceps/ forearms day

    I basically did plateau busters for each of these body limps. Felt amazing due to using HemoRage black concentrated. OMG it is great but I'd still say C4 by Cellucor beats it.



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