Derailing the Epistane Train

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  1. today was the 5x5 workout B

    going to keep this weight and progress from here according to the program guidelines. felt really good, and i should be up to 270 in no time

    overhead press
    this is my first time doing this with a barbell and i put it back so far like the youtube vids i almost fell backwards on my ass. going to try 65 next time

    this is a good number for me, going to stick with this and adjust according to the program guidelines

    sadly, these are really hard again for some reason. going back to putting the pullup bar in my doorway at work

    prone bridges
    3x30 seconds
    um yeah!

    back to eating!

  2. good morning, today is monday and i woke up feeling like complete ****. moving gym to this evening. rain or shine, vomiting or not, im going in. it's only 45 minutes and will probably do me some good. i can definitely feel my arms catching up and soon my back/shoulders. i meant to get a weight reading when i woke up but just getting in to work was enough. i wish i would have realized back in the day that getting big wasnt about lifting weights but eating. and dont get me wrong i love eating, but god damn.

  3. goals for end of summer:
    5x5x225 squat
    5x5x185 bench
    5x315 deadlift

    2x185 squat is about my limit right now, with 135 being my present working weight
    5x5x115 is what im using on the bench to improve my form. it takes about that entire exercise to even feel warmed up, i hate my shoulders they are pieces of ****. 5x135 is pretty easy after that, probably have some more in me.

    pulled 5x245 dead on wednesday and it was extremely easy, however i still felt my form waiver slightly so im only going to bump it up to 255 or so next week.

    i really feel my lower back doing squats, and it doesnt hurt, it's like a pump and it feels awesome. very different than how my shoulders feel trying to hold myself together on a bench. yarr.

    when is the next talk like a pirate day anyway???

  4. favorite pre workout stim: 200mg caffeine tabs, no silly workout powder/stomach churning ****.

  5. finally picked up some chuck taylor's, going to welcome them to the jungle in about 8 hours. nite all!

  6. hey, stop hijacking my thread ****er!

    i think i need to start warming these up, didnt feel right until about the 4th set. also started trying to come up faster, still controlled. definitely brings the intensity level up. and i can feel it. first set was pretty hard and i was like WTF man, but no probs.

    overhead press
    much improved over last week, didnt hurt one bit. not sure if it's because i already wore the **** out of myself on drums before hand. definitely bumping to 85 next week.

    kind of did these in a cramped space, but paid special attention to keeping the back straight, head up, and pulled them off. took a lot of intensity, but did them all without fail. going to shoot for 5x280 next week.

    pull up

    prone bridges
    3x30 sec

    the nice thing about this stronglifts 5x5 program is i can feel it working my arms a LOT, and a lot more than i ever did with dumb bells or anything else. arms have almost felt constantly pumped (and remember, these are already lethal 13" bad boys). forearms are feeling it as well. since i started doing the inverted rows, it's been easier to focus on correcting posture and im very happy with those results.

    i felt like total and complete crap today, but as ive read here- go anyways, you may surprise yourself. glad i went, i would have respected myself less if i didnt.

    off to shower/eat/sleep and hopefully feel better soon.


  7. Quote Originally Posted by rbuecker View Post
    hey, stop hijacking my thread ****er!


  8. ego+1, was complimented on my shoulders at work today. all them pushups and overhead presses are starting to pay off

  9. yes they are! You are beast bro!!

  10. Hey, i'm a first time poster, and this is actually the first site ive ever joined, but i have a question it sounds like you guys might know about, idk how to start a new thread or topic or whatever if thats how you ask a question but someone let me know. Here is my question- I've been lifting all nat long enough and done enough research to want to start my first PH cycle, however, i want to do one of the most mild ones, with minimal cons, and decent pros in dry gains, so ive been told H-drol, Havoc, or Epistane. Anyway, i want to know which one would be best overall, and if milk thistle through and after and nolva or some good AI would be enough for PCT. I know some guys who did only one product for PCT that was supposed to have it all and it worked fine so i dont want to have to buy three to fice PCT supps if its not necessary ya know. But any feedback would be appreciated.

  11. hey bro, welcome to the forum! i'll pm you in just a sec to help out and let you know some of the "watch-out!"s on AM (like posing about PH outside of the ph section )

  12. i wonder if you'll be able to see some "epistane difference" when your through with pct

  13. i think the cycle i ran was more of just to run one, especially being a lightweight. the differences i have learned/made in diet and training over the past year are beyond night and day. i dont see myself running anything again for awhile, there are just too many programs out there to follow like the 5x5, bill starr's variation, or just straight up hypertrophy with splits. and AM is an endless supply of logs and things to try that dont require any ph/ds use at all. i think ive gained more since epi than while on.

    training for starters, i was really all into mike mentzers HIT where you have to work the **** out of yourself once a week to get big or risk over training, so i spent the first couple weeks doing that, and finally getting pissed off about not putting in the work/effort that i used to and ran 3 and then 4 day split.

    since starting 5x5 ive already beat my deadlift pr's while on epi, was 2x275 and im already aiming for 5x280 next week and i feel that it will take a great amount of effort for me, but will hit it and bump up the following week.

    at this stage in the game for me, im pretty sure that if i was running a placebo, i'd have had the same results!

  14. Quote Originally Posted by rbuecker View Post
    ego+1, was complimented on my shoulders at work today. all them pushups and overhead presses are starting to pay off
    Gotta love the shoulder workouts... One of my favorite days.

  15. overdid something last wednesday, been off since then. skipping squats and being very careful with the shoulders this week. my right shoulder is like, jesus... well not really like jesus but DAMNIT anyway. not sure if it's because ive been toying around with glucosamine amounts per day or whatever, but it's been popping LOUD. feels much better today, but still being careful.

    this week will be Monday / Thursday / Saturday due to schedule. I'll be up in Philly the rest of the week doing mindless exercises for work (most likely lots of geocaching and visiting the town). Planning for good weather, packing for the worst. Can't wait to get up there for a change of pace.

  16. ok im a lying bastard

    squats: went easy on these to make sure i didnt hurt myself further

    bench: for some reason that damn shoulder was holding me back from moving forward

    inverted row: better form this week so these numbers mean a lot more to me


    reverse crunch: these things are still the devil
    3x12 w/ 40lb counterweight

    can't wait to see how this feels in a day or two

  17. are you ready for fall?
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  18. That's a lot of pills my man.

  19. holy ****, that is a lot of pills! how much was all that? how you gonna be runnin it?

  20. all in due time my friends

    got back from philly late last night, schedule is a bit messed. i'll be hitting my wednesday today (5x5 workout B) and will be hitting A on Sunday. Next week is going to go Tue (AM) Wed (PM) Fri(PM). I work late shift next week but it offsets by so little that I just have to remember to feed the dog/cats a bit sooner when I get in.

    moving to the city and working there would probably do me a lot of good, i dont think i've ever walked that much since last time I was up there. good workout dodging cars and people at rush hour!!

  21. finally reached my grip limit on these damn deadlifts. it was very f**** hard to get 5x295, forearms need to wake the hell up and grow

    squat: 5x135 warm up, 5x5x185, 1x225 just to taste the future. lower back was feeling the work, cant wait for this to get better!

    overhead press: 5x5x85 felt good, im reminded again that shoulders are one of my weak points. i will feel this like a mofo

    dead: 5x295. wish i had my straps but left them at home, needed them tonight if i was going to go any heavier.

    pull up: 5/5/5
    prone bridges: 3x30 seconds

    very good night IMO and looking forward to sunday. tired now, very tired. going to eat and click on the tv and drift into never never land.

  22. getting ready to head out. some things i learned from last week for myself, even a little bit of alcohol seems to kill my progress groove. i havent felt right since last week in philly+last weekend. this is going to be another hardcore party weekend, but i'll probably leave the patron and vodka alone.

    since i started actually working on squats and the reverse crunches, ive noticed the beginning of ab transformation so im pretty excited there. a little behind schedule but hell i have a couple months to go so im going to be stepping them up. i know 5x5 has them set at twice a week but im thinking every day or every other day regardless.

    picture quality is complete crap, but i need to post something to look back on later.

    also happy birthday to my AM membership, just renewed after my first year. here's to another one!
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  23. just noticed i didnt post up sunday's workout.


    i think the lower amounts of glucosamine worked against me, or ive been wearing myself out lately since i became such a lazy bastard after getting out of the army

    finished up with 2x5x135


    shoulders still hurt here, being careful to not get hurt and build back strength here

    inverted row


    reverse crunch, 40lb counter

    cant wait to see how i feel after tonight

    im going to keep the 185 squat and make sure i can nail 5x5, keeping the 145 bench to see how i feel in a couple days from it

    reverse crunches still hurt like a mother f*cker from middle of 2nd set on. i wish someone would have stressed these to me back in my younger days.

  24. Give me some more squat volume man.

    Rack that 185 up three sets if you have to. Try to pound out 20 reps.

    If you dont feel like puking or sh*tting yourself on leg day - I'd call it a failure.

  25. hows the epistane treating ya?


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