clen/t3 to go from 8 to 6%..??

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    clen/t3 to go from 8 to 6%..??

    clen/t3 stack with Carb cycling to 6%


    hey guys i am in my one week off from just clen with benedryl and my fat loss has plateaued.. i noticed alot of weight come off from carb cycling then when i added clen maybe i lost another 2-3 pounds in the 2 weeks but i think im done losing alot The good thing is i have kept probably at least 90% of my muscle but i still want to lean up before i clean bulk... This week i will be eating complex carbs aabout 200grams a day around workout and breakfast time for 6 days a week to Maintain my bodyfat... In about 8 days i willl start my clen cycle again now my question is i have t3 also and i Know it can be catabolic at high doses but can i run it with the clen by going no higher then 50mg a day to help boast my metabolism.. and i will probably still do my mourning cardio of 30-45 low intensity thanks.. please help guys i do not want to run AAS with T3 becuase i got a cycle planned out soonfor a clean bulk

  2. It seems to be unanamous that anything over 25 mcg T3 requires AAS support.

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    I know i thought that too but i figured if i start off at 25mg for 3 days then bump it up to 50mgs and just keep protein intake at 2 lbs /bodyweight and have at least 30 grams every 2 to 3hrs i would be good cardio would be mournings for 30 min low intensity... I heard at 25mg t3 can increase protein synthesis also any one have experiance

  4. It's a slippery slope though. Right now I'm on 100 mg ED h-drol, and 50 mcg T3 with a caloric defecit of about 1000 cals a day. Also have a bit of HGH in the mix, and right now I'm losing fat at what appears to be the max rate without losing muscle... I'm not gaining strength though, or size. 50 mcg puts up a hell of a fight against h-drol + hgh. Protein is 1.5 grams per LB of bodyweight too.

    It's all subjective really, but I wouldn't run it higher than 25 mcg/ day with maybe a 500 cal defecit.
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    honeslty bro i lower my cals a lil when i cut but i notice a bigger difference from taking carbs out of my diet on carb cycling.. its just this last 5 pounds of fat that needs to go lol im def. on a plateau and i know that i can use AAS or prohoromes easily but the problem is i wana do a clean bulk in august so i would have to send that back to october with pct and time off and i dont want to lol

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    bump guys i would like to use the anabolic diet or keto diet where i go no carb 5-6 days then have one carb up day with 25mg of t3 and clen pymarided up to 140... to break my plateau and get to 6% any one use this diet with t3/clen thanks thats already pretty low....

  7. What's the safest, lowest dose you can run T3 at without any AAS or PH? How would you taper up and down?
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    i think right around 50mg should be the cut off im not an ectomorph at all so i should be alrite, and i will go 25 for 4 days and if i feel the need to bump up i willl then bump back down to 25 but 50 is my cutoff

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    i think right around 50mg should be the cut off im not an ectomorph at all so i should be alrite, and i will go 25 for 4 days and if i feel the need to bump up i willl then bump back down to 25 but 50 is my cutoff
    i am finishing up my 5 week hdrol at 50/50/50/75/75. After my PCT, i think im gonna run some 11-oxo straight at 3caps/day for the first week, then bumb to 6caps/day....see how that goes for a month or so.

  10. We talking about h-drol or t3 here? Dosage numbers = similar.

    I switched from h-drol to tbol mid cycle. H-drol is way more androgenic than t-bol.

    I'm on 56 mcg t-3, and I'm not sure if I wanna go higher. Don't know if there is a benefit to going to 75 mcg or higher.


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