OTC epinephrine

  1. OTC epinephrine

    I was at the local Eckerd Pharmacy today looking for some ephedra pills and I found this inhaler with 0.22mg of epinephrine in it which I misread as ephedrine for some reason, upon a second glance I saw that it said epinephrine and I recalled that this was another name for adrenaline. So then I thought to my self, would this have any kind of benefits to someone like me. I'm not an asthmatic, but I do like ephedrine. Does anyone know if this has ever been used in bodybuilding or weightloss in general. Maybe just as an enegry boost or something to keep me focused. Would I need a higher dosage maybe if so?

  2. I know they keep them in ambulances.
    I think to start the heart or something.

    It's serious stuff.

  3. isn't it commonly in cough medicine, and like anti decongestans? Or is that NORepinephrine?

  4. I think you're talking about inhaled epi, a.k.a. "Primatene Mist", for asthma and chest tightness. The p.i. alludes to inhaled epi affecting blood pressure and the thyroid, so perhaps someone smarter than me can help you out re: usage in speeding up your metabolism. Advertised as a quick-acting solution to an asthma attack, my guess is that it's a short-acting compound that would have to be dosed quite frequently to have lasting effects. I thought those OTC inhalers were removed from the market some time ago, though.

  5. watch the movie crank it will have all ur answers.

  6. Epinephrine is used for it's Beta 2 effects in asthma and allergic reactions, thus using an inhaler will act quickly and more locally on the bronchioles of the lungs causing dialation and ease of breathing. Epi is only active for about 3-5 minutes so using an epi inhaler will probably be ineffective for your goals.


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