Clen macros - High Protein, low Carb, low Fat, Calories

  1. Clen macros - High Protein, low Carb, low Fat, Calories

    Hello Guys..

    What would be the most optimal macros and calorie intake for 2 weeks of Clen on and 2 weeks off?
    Male, 175cm height, 163lbs weight . Physical job, 40 hours a week (5-6 days). Workout 1 hour 5 times a week.

    This will be my second round. Tomorrow ends my 2 weeks off after this: /forum/weight-loss/296470-clen-cycle-when.html

    I'm considering make my diet some different this time and lower my carbs (maybe higher fat). Would it be good?

    Daily Schedule:
    8am - Wake up, eat Clen
    9am - Meal1 Breakfast... 1 egg, 50g oats, 60g whey
    10am - Workout for 1 hour with 10g BCAA intra
    11.30am - Meal2_Postworkout... 50g oats, 70g whey
    2.30pm - Meal3... fresh spinach and 200g chickenbreast
    3pm - Physical work for 8 hours
    7pm - Meal4... fresh spinach and 200g chickenbreast
    11.30pm - Meal5_Bedtime Meal... 2 eggs, 60g whey
    Total macros: 60-20-20. 275g protein, 80g carbs, 40g fat - Only 1800 calories..

    Not sure if i should increase my fat intake or protein intake and go to 2000 calories?
    Would 1800 calories only cost muscle loss or not on clen?

  2. What is your overall goal? 163lb is already very lean for someone your height, so I'm curious to know what you're aiming for....

    Also, how long have you been training? Your protein intake is VERY high - I would lower protein to 1.2g per pound at the most, which is around 200g per day. There's no need to be taking in 275g of protein. I would bump up your carbs a bit IMO.

    If your current calorie intake is 1800, I would keep it consistent for the 2 weeks of clen and see how it goes. Adjusting calorie totals now will skew your results with clen, but I would definitely suggest adjusting your macros a bit. Also, for a person working a physical job 8 hours a day, your calories seem very low overall. Very curious to hear what your goals are
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  3. Goal is top get very shredded and rid of the last few fat/water in lower ABS..

    Thanks alot for the suggestions

  4. Agree with @john.patterson protein intake way too high for your body size. I would bump up carbs and fats. You do 8 hours of physical work you mentioned. What kind of physical work? With 8 hours of physical activity on top of your training you will be expending quite a bit of calories plus the addition of clen. So I would recommend bumping carbs and fats drop protein down to 1.2g. What is your water intake at?
    Figure out what you want, make a plan, go get it, period.

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  5. Luggage handling.
    Water intake 3-5liters Per Day minimum



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