Need Some Opionions from Experienced Eyes

  1. Need Some Opionions from Experienced Eyes

    Hey Guys,

    First time poster here. I am a bit discouraged at the moment and am hoping to get some professional opinions on my current body state. I recently bulked up to 235lbs put on some good muscle mass. I went into recomp for a few months and steadily eased into a cutting phase. I'm down to 202 lbs as of today. I had been going to a local nutrition store where they have a bio impedence scale to measure body fat. When I was at 235 I came in at 19% which I figured was about right considering how much weight I had put on. I weighed in today and it said I'm up to 21% which is odd considering I've been on a caloric deficit for 3 months now and have upped my cardio. I do 15 mins of HIIT after my strength training 4 days per week. I restrict carbs 6 days a week and do a sort of refeed on my cheat days on saturdays. I have lost no strength and in fact have increased weight in several of my lifts. I was so pissed today I set a PR on Squats when I went to the gym for leg day after my weigh in. I'm going to post a picture I took of myself today and I want honest opinions on what you would guess my body fat % to be. Don't be afraid to hurt my feelings the honesty is appreciated for the good of my progress. Thanks and I'm glad to be part of Anabolic Minds!Name:  IMAG1171 (451x800).jpg
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  2. I cant see the pics cuz I am currently on my phone but I wouldnt stress too much over it. Bio impedance scales arent too reliable and/or accurate.

    You dropped weight, gaining strength, smashing PRs, doing HIIT work, all this matters much more then what the device says. Just keep moving forward and dont let that reading discourage you
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by JudoJosh View Post
    You dropped weight, gaining strength, smashing PRs, doing HIIT work, all this matters much more then what the device says.
    I've never had my body fat measured and I've been 195 all the way to 250 lbs. Cut and bulked several times. The mirror tells you so much more.

    If you want more results, do more cardio, tighten up your carbs and look into other methods of manipulating diet especially mct's. Just drinking iced green tea every day will help. If your results aren't drastic enough, get more drastic.

  4. Thanks for the info and support.

  5. Based on the pics and the lighting (which makes a hell of a difference) I would say 20% is pretty accruate. But again dont worry about that, worry on progressing in the gym. Depending how lwo your calories are, you maybe halting fat burning progress. And without knowing your diet for 6 days a week and what you are eating on your "cheat" day makes it hard to help you.

    Most peoples issue is they are to low in calories, dont take enough fat in, and depending on the person dont consume carbs at the right times of the day for optimal fat loss.
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  6. the difference between 19% and 21% in relation to the method of BF calculation accuracy... is not significant.
    don't sweat it...
    however, are you reaching into ketosis weekly? a lot of people forget how calorie dense fat is when they cut carbs. if you are over eating even tho you are on low carbs, youre still gonna gain weight. if youre eating too much protein it will convert to glucose anyhow.. do you know what your doing in that regaurd?
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  7. I'm currently shooting for 2100 cal per day restricting carbs to less than 100g per day most of which comes from a cup of oatmeal post work out. I work out at 5am so it is with breakfast. The lighting sucks in that picture btw. I am also taking Dexaprine XR morning and afternoon. I make sure to get plenty of healthy fats in my diet (no trans fats or fried foods). Let me know if you can think of any other ways I can improve my fat loss strategy. I've been seeing an increase in muscle definition and have new veins popping out of my arms that I never noticed until recently so I thought I had been doing well.

  8. What is your calorie break down, carb, protein, fat.. With carbs its your net carbs thats important. So total carbs less fiber.

    I found the key was to stick under 25g of net carbs. Use sat for your carb up. I avg about 2lbs of fat loss per week. I am 200lb ish about 16% bf. here is my break down to give you an idea.

    No Carb
    40% Pro: 205g
    60% Fat: 143g
    Carb: 25g

    15% Pro: 80g
    25% Fat: 59g
    60% Carb: 322g


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