Hi all,

Haven't posted much here so forgive me if this has been discussed a lot. I've read some posts but wanted some more specific input.

Not really a bodybuilder. More of a regular joe. Over the past couple years I gained about 40 lbs due mostly to antidepressants. Got treated for a sleep disorder and got off the meds and decided to lose the weight. Was 215 at 5'9". Naturally I'm a pretty skinny guy who can eat pretty much anything without gaining weight.

For my diet I ate only fruit and vegetables, but ate as much as I wanted. I also had a soy protein shake daily (about 40% of daily value for protein by itself) and a multivitamin and some fish oil. A typical day of food was the shake in the morning, a big smoothie for lunch and a spinach salad with lots of vegetables for dinner along with the supplements mentioned. I'm not sure what kind of calories go into that although I'm sure it's pretty low. I increased my exercise levels by about 3,000 calories of cardio per week. Was trying to be responsible but fast. May have been too aggressive.

I was successful at losing the weight. Lost about 45 lbs in almost exactly 2 months. Bad news is that I feel worse. My energy levels aren't great, but aren't too terrible compared to normal. But libido is even lower than when I started and emotionally I feel even more blunted. Libido was low before I started, which was one of the main motivations for losing the weight. It has been mysteriously low for about 5 years now and I thought that now that the sleep disorder is taken care of perhaps losing the weight would get things back to normal. I won't go into all the details since that's not the point of this thread but all the other reasons for low libido have pretty much been ruled out.

Anyhow, what I wanted to know is what kind of recovery time I should expect before I feel better. I'm back to eating regular food again. I'm not really counting calories but just trying to eat until I'm full and be sure to get things with the nutrients I've been missing - carbs, fats etc.

Interested in any input. Thanks all.