T3 & Clen

  1. T3 & Clen

    So I am planning to run a short 4 week cycle of clen/t3. I have three major concerns. 1) What dosage should I run the t3 at-I've read that you should work up to a 100 mcg/day. My concern is, should dosage be dependent on body weight? 2) There are mixed reviews about the catabolic affects of t3 with regards to should an anabolic be taken with it. If so which one- oral only. 3)Lastly should I still run a caloric deficit or not considering the potency of the combination. TIA

  2. 1) whilst taking clen as well and no PED's i would say 25mgs is enough
    2)it would help to preserve muscle but not necessarily. If you raise your protein intake to account for the T3's then you should be ok.
    3) a calorie deficit diet is required to lose fat. the clen and T3's will allow you to achieve a greater deficit and therefore lose fat faster.
    "Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero."

  3. also since your using t3 your def want to checkout T-3 PCT by need to build muscle to help restart things once your done with clen t3 cycle.here is a link to read more about T3 PCT and why its such an important supplement to use after using t3

    T-3 PCT

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