Extreme Stress/Controlling Cortisol Levels-Vitamin C

  1. Extreme Stress/Controlling Cortisol Levels-Vitamin C

    I have been under extreme job stress and stress all around. My grandmother has cancer. I have been trying to cut with exercise and a good diet. I am getting results, but possibly could my cortisol levels be high due to my stress?
    What would reduce them? Vitamin C? Ibuprofen?

  2. Supress C by CEL works well. I would have bw done to be for sure. Im sorry to hear about your bubby...mine also has cancer for the 4th time.

  3. This is something you will have to work on, and not something a dietary supplement can really make a huge impact on.

    I'm in a similar situation (minus the sick grandmother thankfully), and I know the negative effects of stress on strength, power, and body composition.

    You need to learn to address the stress and manage it. It may be simple things like taking a few deep breaths or a short walk when anxiety/stress arise, to more effort requiring interventions like deep breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques. Either way, stress can be very debilitating if you are not able to manage it.

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