new to real diets, a hand?

  1. new to real diets, a hand?

    Ok so for most of my life i didnt know what a diet was, i just shoved my face with food, as of last year i started getting serious about not being obese anymore (was 350+) dropped down to 300 with walking and eating less food, then found CKD and learned how to design a diet, and how calorie in vs calorie out and all that, i have been on CKD for around 7 months and its time to take a break, i have lost almost 50lbs and gained a ton of muscle and strength (at least 10lbs) and i plan to go back on, but im gonna take a break for a month and pop my PH cherry.

    I plan on working up to a 40-40-20 after going through week 1 (starting today) with ~100g of carbs a day.
    I never designed a serious diet for myself on CKD because i never had a big appetite, so i just made sure i was eating the right food, and getting enough fiber, and on carbups made sure i stuffed myself with enough clean carbs to build muscle. On numerous occasions i would put up a days diet on fitday and analyze it for what i needed to add, take away, but other than that i just ate whatever.

    Now i need to work out ratios, because i cant just eat protein and fat and get away with it..

    What are good carb choices and spacing for meals, as well as ratios for morning/noon/night and how they affect metabolism?

    I was thinking just lots of lean cold cut sandwiches and whole grain pasta, milk and low sugar cereal, yogurt, potatos and whatnot, and cutting down on the eggs and stuff, im pretty sick of stuffing myself with fat anyways so this should be ok.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated, i feel like a newb again.


  2. Oh yeah, stats


    Calories needed for maintanence - ~4000
    Ratio - 40-40-20

    Sunday - Legs
    Monday - Grappling - 2 hours
    tuesday - shoulders/chest
    wednesday - off
    thursday back/arms
    friday - boxing - 2 hours
    saturday - grappling

    Carbs - 1600cals - 400g
    protein - 1600cals - 400g
    fat - 800 cals - 90g

    How the heck am i gonna eat 400g of protein? man this is gonna be tougher than i thought.

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