So I tried to make a gel....

  1. So I tried to make a gel....

    ...and nothing happened. Nothing. No gel, no clumps, no nothing. Here is what I did:
    1. I-prop
    2. Methycelluose
    3. PG
    4. Glycerol
    Mix these together in high-speed blender for about 5 minutes and then let sit.
    5. D-Lim
    6. OA
    7. Staeric Acid
    8. IPM
    Mix again, and nothing. What am I doing wrong? Any feedback would greatly be appreciated.

  2. bump. Someone has to have some suggestion...

  3. Adjust your pH after step 5...

  4. What's Staeric Acid ? Let us know how it turns out!

  5. Originally posted by Kitchen Chemist
    What's Staeric Acid ? Let us know how it turns out!
    A fatty acid that aids in thickness and viscosity.

  6. so what happened once you adjusted the Ph? did itmodify the viscocity of the formula? hence altering the density into gel? that should stablize it

  7. I kept adjusting the PH and nothing was happening, so I said screw this. I I was rinsing the blender out with water, it began to gel w/the addition of water. It actually took quite a bit, maybe because I added so much TEA trying to adjust the PH. I let it firm for awhile, but the gel will not stay mixed even though I added more water. it stays mixed fro a couple of hours, but not overnight.
  8. sicosico
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    i made my homebrew very easy :

    1-used 2 creams( ordinary ones frpm store- look for good ingredients) that has the same ingredients like the troplical about 15 % it contain oa, ipm, and glycerol and 20 % another cream contains more penteration enchasers like the same ingredients plus aloe vera mineral water that the body absorbes fast and other chimicals that the body absorbs

    2- 50 % I A (rubbing alcohol)

    3-dmso about 15 %

    4- 10 grams ph

    it is the best , tryne to add more dmso and put some cream that contain this stuff , look in any store ar you you'll find one , you can mix them with your formula and try to heat them a little in hot water , they should work .
    if not just spray it on

  9. When adding PH powder to a transdermal gel, what do you mix it with to ensure uniform distribution?


  10. Sorry, a better phrasing of the above question would be "How do you mix it to ensure uniform distribution?"

  11. With a portable electric hand mixer.


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