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    I was wondering if anyone knew of any exercises that I could do to build up my groin muscles. When I squat, my knees start to shake, and the guys I lift with say that I need to work on that, but they don't know any exercises for it and google isn't helping much. Also the guys I've been lifting with know a lot about powerlifting, they both do it professionally, but recently one of them has been MAYBE going once a week, and the other skips a lot and goes to the local high school a lot, so I'm maybe getting one day in a week. Any suggestions on how I can find a knowledgeable partner who would work out with me and wouldn't mind a lot of questions. I was thinking about posting something on a bulletin board for when I join another gym (I've been working out with them in their garage, they have a squat rack and weights), but that isn't gonna be for a little bit because I'm in between jobs right now and can barely pay my bills.
    I'd appreciate any advice anyone could give me. Thank you

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    if your talking around your groin area, hip abduction and hip adduction machines work nicely.

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