Injured foot "crushed" recovery/workout

  1. Injured foot "crushed" recovery/workout

    Hey guys

    I just started working as a mover, moving furneture from apartment to apartment. Its mainly a sparetime job besides my Crossfit trainer job
    Ive made a recent post in the supplement area called "My stack "awesome or what" ideas?-

    For alittle more information you can read it, for those that dont want heres a picture and a video
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    Lets get to the point: I was finishing work and we had to pull out the last boxes and furniture out of the truck, as my main man was elevating the lift he did not see me standing incorrectly and my foot got inbetween the truck and lift, simply put it my big toe got crushed. On the CT they said nothing was broken, but my big toe is bursted like a hotdog. The doctor today replaced the bindings, and said that the tip of the toe kinda was alittle flatter.

    So any ideas on recover, would it be smart to eat more protein, can i still workout my upper body and so on?

  2. Not quite sure the eating extra protein will fix anything.

    And I would talk to your doctor instead.
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  3. The doc said that i should keep foot elevated above heart level and atleast rest 3-4days. I really dident want to look at it, so i asked her if i would have normal function of it.. and she said yes

    nevertheless, the tip of the toe will be alittle deformated other then that i should be fine.. So deadlifts and squats are out of the game, ill be hitting up some light weights for maintaince.

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