Anyone ever get joint pain?

  1. Anyone ever get joint pain?

    I'm new to lifting weights, its been a solid 4 months now, but im starting to get slight joint pain, is it because I'm new?

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    ive been lifting for years..i get joint pains all the time

  3. Every couple months i try and take a week off. I do this just to give my body a rest and a chance to completely recover. This seems to fix my jont issues

  4. I used to get bad joint pain in my knees quite often. I'm pretty sure I was getting is what they call Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome. I skipped running for a week, and really cleaned up my dead-lift, squat, and lunge form. Now I work out harder and heavier than I ever did with no pain.

    I also had a similar, but less dramatic issue with my elbows from benching/dips which doesn't give me problems any more.

    I think if you have VERY clean form, you can at least diminish the pain which I would attribute to inflammation.

  5. **** yea, Thanks guys. So with that being said, are those joint pain supplements a waiste?

  6. fish oil

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Steveee View Post
    fish oil
    Definitely....especially if you lift HEAVY.
    Triceps exercises specifically.My elbow joints use to catch pure hell from heavy skulls and pushdowns.Fish oil works wonders.
    It's all I use. I use to be a big believer in glucosamine,but haven't taken it in years.Lotta people have success using cissus as well.I, for one, have never tried it.

  8. Xtend or Purple Wraath may help you as well. Better recovery may reduce inflammation which may reduce pain, etc. I would try the fish oil first though.

    But I'm telling you, if you have anything other than perfect form, you'll get this kind of pain. Especially in the knees.

    Also, glucosamine / Condroiten (sp?) did nothing at all for me.

  9. Animal Flex!!

    It worked wonders for me. I take one pack with my lunch and i also add in Fish Oil 3x a day. Im like a well lubed Machine!

  10. One word: deload.


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