Not sure what i injured...

  1. Not sure what i injured...

    right above my left butt cheek in lower back area, if i try and extend my left leg out in front of me i have a sharp pain in that spot. its hurt for a couple of weeks now, i think i hurt it doing straight legged deadlifts, i rehearsed and that's the only exercise that made that spot hurt. what 's wrong? im too young to have an injury for will bother me the rest of my life!

    any help is appreciated

  2. thanks for the advice...really helpful

  3. Sounds like a problem with the SI (sacro-iliac) joint based on the location you described. You can try some stretching for the IT band provided it doesn't hurt too bad. This helps sometimes when my SI area gets banged up. Do a search on youtube for jumpstretch band stretching exercises or look at the website under Q&A and I think they have the stretching videos as well.
    Don't do any movements in the gym that irritate it and ice it at least once everyday. If it doesn't improve significantly in a week or so, go see a chiropractor.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Joey0808 View Post
    thanks for the advice...really helpful
    what do you think we do all day? wait around for impatient people to make posts? some of us do have lives you know? some of us even go to the gym once and a while! now that i have that out of the way, and yes, i do feel better now, lol. i suffer from lower back pain all the time and feel i can add some good suggestions. 1st thing in the morning, stretch. extend one leg out in front of you (while on your back) and grab the other leg on your shins and bring it towards your chest.....try and relax your lower back as much as possible, concentrate on this point. switch legs.....of course. then do both legs at the same time. do these stretches slowly and again, concentrate on relaxing your lower back. see if you can do this several times throughout the day. once in the morning, once pre w/o, post w/o and again before bed. you might be surprised, if you try it. if that does not help, then please take the other persons advise and go see a doctor(chiropractor).
    p.s. i do know what my signature says about persistence...but dahm. lol

  5. ok first of all thank you great advice ill get to that immediately, second lennox, blow me. i do a 6 day split so i am in the gym (and im not over training I take time off) and i work 5 days a week so, so once again blow me, some ppl actually dont have lives and are waiting to tackle a new thread, or have some free time, you just might be lazy.



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