new 4 day split

  1. new 4 day split

    What do you think of this workout? Is it enough sets? Im on a 2600 calorie recomp diet so....

    Monday: Chest/Bis (yes, bi's I like it)
    Incline DB Press 5x6
    Flat DB Press 4x6
    Incline Flyes 4x10
    EZ Bar Curls 4x6-8
    Dumbell Curls 3x8
    Incline Curls 3x8

    Tuesday: Legs
    Squats 4x6
    Leg Curls 4x8
    Extensions 4x8
    Calf Raises 4x8

    Wed: off

    Thursday: Back/Tri's
    Lat Pulldowns 5x6
    DB Rows 5x8
    Lower back extensions 3x8
    Straight cable pushdowns 3x8
    Dips 4x6
    Pushdowns 3x8
    Lying extensions 3x8

    Friday: Shoulders/Abs
    DB Press 4x6
    Upright Rows 3x6-8
    Shrugs 3x6
    Side raises 3x6
    Incline sit-ups 4x8
    Decline sit-ups 4x8

    Do you think this is overtraining?

  2. I think that looks like a decent set-up. The only changes I might suggest are to make sure you use different grips for the different bicep exercises (palms up, palms down, and neutral grip), and, although not necessarily every week, substitute in deadlifts or rack-pulls for DB rows (or if you're insane, do them both).

    As for the over-training issue, I don't see this routine being a problem given the right caloric intake -- 2600 isn't a bad number but might be low for building mass. However, it's easier to make that call when we know your stats -- so what are your height, weight, bf%, etc?

  3. Im 5'10" 170lbs. Probably 12 percent bf

  4. so you're already pretty lean -- is building mass your primary goal or losing fat? are your macros along the lines of 40c/40p/20f or are you on a higher-fat diet like 10c/40p/50f?

  5. Shoulders after triceps is going to limit your strength. It might be easier to combine triceps with shoulder than with back.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  6. I'm trying to recomp/cut. I know I won't gain a lot of mass if any. My diet is more like 300g protein/ 210g carbs/ 76-85f or something like that.


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