How to get started on Bodybuilding, muscle gain, and good health.

  1. Lightbulb How to get started on Bodybuilding, muscle gain, and good health.

    I need some good solid advice on were to begin on my training. Maybe some good starter workouts,
    or some diets,
    Or good local gym.

    Well thanks to anyone helping and I really appreciate the help.

  2. My best advice is slow.

    I'm 14 weeks into a major cut coming off an injury and time away from the gym and everybody from relatives to co workers are asking me how i did it. And I tell them bascially what I did is cut one or two bad things out of my diet a week and add in one or two good things it's slower than a crash diet but it's healthier and works.

    For Cardio I started out with 10min walks then 15min then added in intervals etc.

    SLow and Steady and you will see great progress that's attainable.

    Working out concentrate on core exercises at first nothing fancy bench squat barbell curls pull ups etc.

  3. read around, do a little research - everything you're asking for is already posted and then some.

    If you're looking to gain mass, RenegadeRows has several great Bulking threads on here. Also, Sunclouds "Gaining Mass in a Nutshell" and "The Ectomorph Workout" are great for starters too.

    If you're looking to lose some fat, there're a TON of threads covering everything you could ever wonder about on the subject over in the Weight-Loss Sub-forum.

    So, go take a look around, find something that you like, and ask questions as you continue to do your own research.

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  4. Lightbulb

    Thanks for all the good responses everyone.

    I really never did this to a real motivated aspect until recently.
    I just feel it is time to add some tone and bulk
    and get in shape before it's to late.

    So far I am weeding out a lot of the junk I ate, Though really my weakness was soda and the occasionally extra cheese pizza.
    I usually eat fairly healthy.

    As for the excessive
    Push ups: Hands at Diamond Inside towards chest
    10 Rep. * 2 Sets

    Push-Ups: Hands at shoulder length
    10 Rep. * 2 Sets

    Sit-ups: Standard Knees bent
    25 Rep. * 2 Sets

    Sit-ups: Legs out straight and raised
    20 Rep. * 2 Sets

    Crunches: No equipment
    30~50 Depending on the day

    Weight Training
    Haven't started, I have no weights or equipment

    Jogging: Slow and Steady Pace
    1/4 ~ 1/2 mile

    Diet: No Idea
    Just eating healthy foods and avoiding bad carbohydrates and sugars. And drinking as much water as I can.

    As for my current status
    Age: 25
    Weight: 171 (May be of a few points off)
    Height: 6 Foot 0 Inches
    anymore needed stats I can provide.

    Well I hope this helps you or anyone trying to help.

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