Please give advice on my current routine! (bulking)

  1. Please give advice on my current routine! (bulking)

    so ive decided to experiment with a new routine i kind of made up in my head, please make notes on how i can improve.

    day 1: chest/back
    flat bench press 3sets 6rm (plus 2 rest pause)
    incline bench 3 sets 8-10
    decline flies 3 sets 10-15
    wide pull down 3 sets 10rm
    seated row 3 sets 10-12
    bent row 3 sets 10

    day 2: legs (posterior chain)
    Deadlift 5X5
    Romanian Deadlift 3sets 10-12
    lying ham curls 3 sets 10-12

    Day 3 bis/tris
    Close Grip Bench Press 3sets 6rm (plus 2 rest pause)
    lying try extentions (EZ BAR) 3 sets 10-12
    tri pushdown (rope) 3 sets 10-12
    straight bar curl 3 of 10-12
    hammer curl 3 of 10-12
    reverse ezbar curl 3 of 10-12

    Day 4 Legs (quad dominant)
    heel elivated squats 3 of 10-12
    leg extention 3 of 10-12
    split squats 3 of 10-12

    let me know if i can make adjustments anywhere please!

    i havent added shoulders because my shoulders seem to be freakish and they grow with any exercise i do lol.

  2. This is what i would do and i wish my shoulders freakisly grew i wish my entire body freakisly grew man haha ur lucky.
    i would make dead lifts part of your back workout, i dont think doing chest and back in the same day is smart cause for me i split them and when im done with chest i got no energy to do back, when im done with back i got no energy to do chest i would recommend maybe trying out a 5 day workout instead and split it up more like
    I think you will see better results you will have more energy to do every exercise in my opinion and will help add mass in my opinion

    Also for your day 2 throw in some abs since your already working your core. and on day 3 reverse curl and hammer curl work your forearms more than your bis so lose reverse curl and do regular standing ez bar curls and switch it up first set do a grip more close together, second set more wide and third like right in between to hit the inside and outside of your bis you will feel it trust me if not DB incline curls you will definately FEEL!

  3. i would combine back with your posterior chain workout, therefore you can center it around deads, if you need supplemental back work do it on your quad day. I wouldnt neglect shoulders completely, you have incline and that helps, so i would add something like side laterals on your tri 2 pennies.

  4. i'd combine days 2 and 4. no reason to be doing 6 exercises for every other body part and then going light on back day. i would also move deads to back day, as that's where the primary focus is. if you feel it impedes your leg day to any degree, do rack deads instead.

  5. i dont find a problem with the chest and back split, i do a set of chest then wait about 30 then go right to chest then wait 30 then go back to chest and so on. im putting the same amount of energy into each movement. i dont mind it. and i like the deads involved in back day, so should i combine the 2 lower body days then?

  6. The deads and Bench are too much to do in one workout. I would put pullups as your first back exercise, they are highly underrated and important for overall strength.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by mzeitler11 View Post
    The deads and Bench are too much to do in one workout. I would put pullups as your first back exercise, they are highly underrated and important for overall strength.

    I dead, bench, t-bar row and a few little others on my monday back/chest routine

    tho i dont take my chest too seriously as its too big in proportion to the rest of my body (stupid teenage years where benching was everything for 2 years straight)


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