knee pain from deadlifts?

  1. knee pain from deadlifts?

    past 2 times ive deadlifted my knees have hurt afterwards.. usually for a few days. on the initial first lift up, they will crack like i was cracking my finger knuckles.

    i try to keep my feet at shoulders, toes pointed forwards. i've had some people at the gym check my form and they all said it was good.. so im unsure what to do?

  2. When you approach the dead lift set your feet ( may want to turn the out slightly) and the grab the bar with your preferred grip. Your legs should still be straight at this point. Then sit back instead of down with your glutes and arch your back. At this point your shoulders should be above/slightly behind the bar, your head should be up, arms should be extended with tension, hips should be as high as possible while being able to maintain your back arch. As you start the lift bring your head up, hips towards the bar, push your knees out and try to spread the floor with your feet, and pull up and back.

    My guess is that you are bending to low to and not sitting back on your hips, this will put a lot of strain on your knees and quads. You may also want to look into trying a sumo stance.
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  3. Ok thanks man ill yet that today

  4. tried it.. worked like a charm. no knee strain/pain at all

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