Cutting Stack

  1. Cutting Stack

    I am planning ahead for my spring cutting stack and looking for advice.

    I was planning on using the following supplements
    1. RPN---love this stuff
    2. Drive
    3. DCP- Never used before and was curious if there are any sides i should be worried about ???

    Supplements i run year round.

    Protein, CoQ10 or ubiquinol, Green tea, Now ADAM, Spirulina, NOW Super EFA and Chocamine.

  2. Should be a great stack. There aren't any sides with DCP that I have experienced while taking it. Perhaps, if you are particularly sensitive to TTA you may get some cramping. Personally, I liked DCP at a higher dosage (9 caps a day), but then again I am a heavier individual.

  3. you need to keep hydrated, i noticed headaches when i didn't get enough water

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