1. Best.Supplements.for.Strenght?

    Well as most of you guys know I'm in mixed martial arts training. I want to know what would be the best Supplement(s) to take that will help with strength ovb. hard workouts but what would help the best.

    if you have any questions PM me.


  2. 30 views VETO reply's come on guys.

  3. Dude, I have several logs about my progress with NHA supplements. Quit being a lazy ass and do your research.
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  4. I like Clout.

  5. NOS ether from get diesel has given my great strenght gains.

  6. New Powerfull was where I saw the greatest strength increases (its really the only supplement I have taken for strength for a decent amount of time at the moment.) However I am also likeing RPM.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by IRISHRYG View Post
    NOS ether from get diesel has given my great strenght gains.
    I haven't tried it but I've heard NOS Ether gives some real quality strength gains.

    But like that other post said, do some research. I think you're new here but that doesn't absolve you from doing some of your own legwork (also re: your nitrotech/celltech and igf-2 questions). Welcome, though.

  8. Great options mentioned so far. Creatine, Citrulline Malate, Beta Alanine, Rhodiola Rosea, and so on are some others.
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  9. SyntheSIZE
    Scivation's Beta Alanine and Citrulline malate

  10. MAN Clout
    MAN Body Octane
    USPLabs Anabolic Pump
    USPLabs PowerFULL
    USPLabs SuperCissus RX
    Controlled Labs Purple Wraath
    Scivation XTEND

  11. Here is what I use.

    BCAAs 25g daily (Excell by Anabolic Innovations)
    Whey Isolate

    I have also used Epistane the 4 weeks before a fight. It seemed to work great for me... 2nd round knockout!!!

  12. Thanks guys and Rodja 2 lol

  13. I've used Incarnate and Carnage. Both are VERY cost effective strength/endurance enhancers.
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  14. ^^nice I was just looking at, Incarnate what exatcly is it what benefits do you get out of it. Max genetic strength lol

  15. Increased muscle carnosine levels, some testosterone increases, I got some energy from it, and my joints weren't killing me. Good pumps too.
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  16. activate xtreme and incarnate

  17. does incarnate effect hormones?

  18. im looking at incarnate and im 17 so you know i wanna be careful around supplements other than whey and creatine. you think it would be ok to take at my age?

  19. Yes, you're ok at 17. Incarnate is good stuff.

  20. alright coolio. im trying to decide between incarnate or clout....this will be a battle.

  21. id go clout


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