dosing adipoxil and tt-33

  1. dosing adipoxil and tt-33

    hey guys, im planning on a clen cycle soon but nutraplanet is having a crazy deal that i couldnt pass up, Adipoxil + half a bottle of tt-33 for $20!!!!! i want to either do this cycle first then clen or clen cycle first then this. anyway how would you guys stack these? i dont know when how to i would take the tt-33 with it and should i take them 30-45min before exercising?

  2. I do 2 TT33 and 2 Adipxil 30 minutes before breakfast, 2 adipoxil mid-day or pre-workout depending on when you work out, and 2 TT33 before bed. That is the best schedule I have found to work for me in my last contest prep.


  3. I also got this stack ,i will take it for my cut,in new years,after the 4 weeks ,i also got me lean xtreme from DS to continue cutting on the 2nd month and some 7 keto..

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