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  1. Tri-Max

    Anyone try this Triaticol product from Custom Nutrition Warehouse?

  2. I think Wojo and Sir Foxx have. Maybe they can post their results. I use it, but my opinion is a bit biased.

  3. Excellent stuff. I had previously bought a bottle of Syntrax's Triax from Wojo and used that and liked the results. This time around I used Custom's product for 2 weeks(the first 2 weeks of my cutting cycle) with Adipokinetix and GuggulExtreme. I started at 1 cap(2mg) per day and worked myself up to 3caps and then back down to 1cap. Those first 2 weeks I went from 209lbs down to 201lbs. That may not seem like a lot but I really didn't change my eating. Cutting for me is very hard, because I just cannot limit my food very easily. I purposely didn't weigh myself the first 2 weeks because I knew I wasn't lowering my calories at all and I just didn't want to face it. My lifting partner kept saying I was looking tighter and leaner, but I just thought he was bull****ting me. Low and behold, when I hit the scale, I was very happy. My cutting cycle went on for another 5 weeks with various other compounds(MM4, Lipokinetix(Only for 7 days), more GuggulExtreme) but most of my weight was lost during those first two weeks. I need to be more disciplined in the future during cutting cycles because I could have done much better. All in all, I liked Syntrax's Triax, but I love this TriMax.

    By the way Custom, just do what they do over at, register under a different name and rave about your own products j/k

  4. Thanks for the reply Sir Foxx. How did the Tri-Max make you feel? Any hot flashes?

  5. I was sweating a lot for the first week. Between the Adipo, TriMax and Guggul, I had to change shirts about 3 times day. By the second week, probably 3 days into it, I seemed to acclimate to it a little bit. Sleep was a bitch though. Between the adipo keeping me up and how hot I felt, nighttime was miserable, until I turned the air conditioning on and set it at 64 degrees F. Did I mention I hate cutting?

  6. Also, I don't really recommend anyone go up to 3 caps a day. I don't think it was really necessary in my case but I wanted to see how I would react. In hindsight, I feel it was a little careless.

  7. i just started mine actually running it at 2 caps a day and using lipo-6 with bsl etched..i began the tri-max at 3 days before the def far so good..this is new for me im not as big as foxx im 5'6 190..trying to get down to 175-180

  8. yea im sweating my nuts off if ur asking if its legit thats a yes..i have a fan blowing on me at night and its 50 f here at night

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Sir Foxx
    I was sweating a lot for the first week. Between the Adipo, TriMax and Guggul, I had to change shirts about 3 times day. By the second week, probably 3 days into it, I seemed to acclimate to it a little bit. Sleep was a bitch though. Between the adipo keeping me up and how hot I felt, nighttime was miserable, until I turned the air conditioning on and set it at 64 degrees F. Did I mention I hate cutting?
    Hook me up with some Adipokinetix. Will pay good money for Norephedrine HCL!!! Don't be greedy Not SciFit TriCuts though, that **** is BUNK

  10. Anybody know what sort of effect Triaticol has on TSH levels?

  11. Sorry SuperSoldier, that was the last of the original Adipo that I had. Does anyone know where to get any overseas? If so, PM please.

  12. I may try this for my GF. I have some liquid T3, but she isn't too fond of the liquid nasty icky stuff

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Bryan
    Anybody know what sort of effect Triaticol has on TSH levels?
    Well since I'm on a cutting binge, I just might have a new project . I would imagine that Triatricol is pretty suppressive to TSH, just like exogenous T3. I'll be testing liver enzymes while running UCP-1 for Chemo soon. I don't think it would hurt to add in some Triatricol, as it wouldn't affect the liver. I really wouldn't be able to differenciate what fatloss/sides are coming from what supplement if I run them both at the same time, but I can kill two birds with one stone, liver enzymes while on Usnic, and TSH while on Triac. Actually three stones, if you count losing a ton of fat Damn if only I wasn't broke. Donations gladly accepted

  14. Derek fomr Syntrax has admitted that it is pretty supressive of TSH, but upon ceasing the thyroid rebounds very quickly. In any event, it is best to do a down-pyramid dose scheme the last week or so.

  15. maybe toss in some transdermal 7-keto(FL7) to help with TSH recovery/fat gain.

  16. triacanna is much more milder than t3..safer too..u have a lot more leeway..cnw has 2 good articles by derek cornelius on triacanna and anabolics and chemical muscle enhancement have info on it,both agree it the "safer" of the personally gonna use syntrax's beta 3 and gugglebolic post tri-max as i prefer to use a trans 7-keto while on tri max

  17. Any updates Sir Foxx and Wojo? I am interested in trying triac along with ephrdra/caff for a cutter soon. I have the same problem as SirF with the food and cutting. Any one who knows me, knows I don't like to cut.

    So, you basically run this stuff for 2wks? How are you guys doseing it? I was thinking: 1/1/1/1/1/2/2/2/2/2/1/1/1/1. Let me know what you think.

  18. I only ran it for two weeks due to my overall 7 week cutting cycle. I was mixing MM4, Adipokinetix, Lipokinetix and GuggulExtreme along with the TriMax for a multi-faceted fat attack. You could run it 3 to 4 weeks if you want. I felt by only running it 2 weeks, I kept muscle loss to a minimum. My strength took no hit at all.

    My dosing schedule looked like this: 11122233322211. Like I said in an earlier post, I don't see any reason to go to 3 caps a day.

  19. my GF is running it for 4 weeks with an ECY stack. I had her do 1/1/1, starting at 2 today. I would think maybe the last 5 days back to 1 tab, then off for 4 more weeks.

  20. Thanks for the input guys, just what I was looking for. Pm'ed custom, he said he ran it 1 cap for 1wk.....2caps wk 2 10hrs apart......then 1 cap wk3. If I try it, I'll prolly stack it with ECY.

    I'm wondering if it'll effect my cholesterol medication or vice versa (zocor 20mg)??????? If anyone has any input, I'd appreciate it.

  21. I've been on for 3 days now, 1 cap 2X/day, and I don't feel anything. I am on a lot of stuff (4AD, M-Dien, EC) but I don't feel any different. You guys take these with food right? I take them with a protein shake and some fats. Maybe I'll bump to 3 per day and just use the whole bottle for 30 days straight. I'll post some labs tomorrow (TSH, T3, T4, Free T4).

  22. I would actually reccommend AGAINST 3 caps per day unless you're relly a large person as the stuff is suppressive while on, but you should rebound very quick. I just do not want you to hurt yourself. I know I personally sweat like a pig while using it, and get good results from a 2 week cycle, but of course, I know you have to take that w/a grain of salt. Maybe finish the 1st week at 2 caps and see if anything (body weight) changes. Like I said, I do not want you to hurt yourself.

  23. I had no problems on 3 day other than extreme sweating and a weird appetite suppression feeling. Once I started to eat, no problem, it was just that I didn't feel like eating, at least like I normally do. That being said, I don't think it was necessary as I really didn't speed up any fat loss.

  24. I'll stay on 2 a day for a few more days at least, it's kinda hard to see fatloss right now because the bloat from my 4AD is really kicking in.

  25. Potent thermogenic action of triiodothyroacetic acid in brown adipocytes.

    Medina-Gomez G, Hernandez A, Calvo RM, Martin E, Obregon MJ.

    Instituto Investigaciones Biomedicas (C.S.I.C.-UAM), Arturo Duperier 4, 28029 Madrid, Spain.

    Triiodothyroacetic acid (TRIAC) is a triiodothyronine (T3) metabolite with high affinity for T3 nuclear receptors. We compared the thermogenic action of TRIAC versus T3 in brown adipocytes, by studying target genes known to mediate thermogenic action: uncoupling protein 1 (UCP-1), a marker of brown adipocytes, and type II-5'deiodinase (D2), which provides the T3 required for thermogenesis. TRIAC is 10-50 times more potent than T3 at increasing the adrenergic induction of UCP-1 mRNA and D2 activities. TRIAC action on UCP-1 is exerted at the transcriptional level. In the presence of an adrenergic stimulus, TRIAC is also more potent than T3, inducing lipoprotein lipase mRNA and 5 deiodinase (D3) activity and mRNA. Maximal effects occur at very low concentrations (0.2 nM). The greater potency of TRIAC is not due to preferential cellular or nuclear uptake. Therefore, TRIAC is a potent thermogenic agent that might increase energy expenditure and regulate T3 production in brown adipocytes.

    Your welcome
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  26. my GF has been on 3 daily for a week now, no problems at all. She's lost about 3-4 lbs in the past 10 days, and hasn't even been as strict as normal with her diet cardio (which will be fixed next week damnit), good stuff

  27. Awesome.
    Thanks Bobo -

  28. ok heres my update..i ran tri-max with etched and lipo-6 threw in some methyl d so i wouldnt lose any musle..bout a week into it i yanked the lipo and m-d and jsut used etched with tri-max the other 2 were dropped because 1)im too sensitive to stims and found myself literally mentally confused at times unable to focus and 2)i wanted to try the tri-max without anything but the local etched..well my results rocked..lost almost a full inch around my waist..pants that were tight before are loose as hell i wear a 34 inch waist im 195 at 5'6 with a 47 inc chest.i dont know my starting weight or my bf% but i know i saw my sister the other day and she was shocked at the weight loss in my face alone..i ket my cals at 2200 and i havent done cardio in years not very scientific but custom has a repeat customer on his hands..i will tell u this i made the mistake odf drinking twice on this stuff and i got so flushed i swore i was gonna pass out..sweated like a pig too

  29. What kind of dosing did you run?

  30. 2 caps a day..i tried spacing them qas close to 8 hours apart as i could with my hectic work schedule..the interesting thing is i was always warned about a rebound off of triacanna..havent ahd a prob at about 2 weeks out and am still keeping the weight off and my dioet is def not as strict as it week alone should have put 5-10 lbs on me alone..from mom's lasanga to the home mabe peanut butter eggs my cousin made and i ate a good 2lb bag of them myself..pants are still hanging


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