Review My Cycle

  1. Review My Cycle

    Hi guys I'd like to get some feedback on my upcoming cycle. I'm gonna be running a myogenix spawn clone called maximus labs supremacy.

    Week 1: 90 mg tren + 24 mg epistane (3 caps)
    Week 2: 90 mg tren + 24 mg epistane
    Week 3: 90 mg tren + 24 mg epistane
    Week 4: 90 mg tren + 24 mg epistane
    Week 5: 20 mg nolvadex + 5ml sustain alpha + 6 caps hypertest
    Week 6: 20 mg nolvadex + 5ml sustain alpha + 6 caps hypertest + 3 caps lean xtreme
    Week 7: 10 mg nolvadex + 5ml sustain alpha + 6 caps hypertest + 3 caps lean xtreme
    Week 8: 10 mg nolvadex + 5ml sustain alpha + 6 caps hypertest + 3 caps lean xtreme
    Week 9: 6 caps hypertest + 3 caps lean xtreme
    Week 10: 6 caps hypertest
    Week 11: 6 caps hypertest
    Week 12: 6 caps hypertest

    note: I will also be taking 400 mg/day of vitamin b6 for prolactin control, liver support by the vitamin shoppe, and cycle support by anabolic innovations, as well as ZMA throughout the 12 weeks.

  2. looks like a very thorough pct so u did ur homework obviously and u got everything covered should be a fun ride. first cycle?

  3. Nope 2nd. I've run a cycle of 1-ad/4-ad/decavol by advanced muscle science. Decent gains, ~7 lbs LBM in 6 weeks... nothing outstanding. This is my first cycle with a methylated compound (epi) though. I'm looking forward to some solid gains and def. researched my pct well because what's muscle if you only have it on-cycle right?

  4. what you should really add is b6 or better yet p5p on cycle and into pct. look up the doses to avoid tren issues. also vitex or l-dopa on hand is good. If you can get nolva then you can get clomid most likley and many say clomid is better for a tren product. what other on cycle supps you taking? add a lil liver supp on there and get celery seed and hawthorn berry for blood pressure. expect to get huge strength gains but dont hurt your joints. you are gonig to have a lot of fun!

  5. why would he need extra liver supps, hawthorne and celery when hes already taking AIs CYCLE SUPPORT? u can get p5p or 1-carboxy for prolactin that would be a good idea

  6. As I posted, I'm taking b6 dosed at 400 mg/day. Also, I'm taking anabolic innovations cycle support which has liv. support, hawthorn berry, and celery seed extract. Also taking some extra liv. support (vitamin shoppe brand.) Ive read of folks advocating clomid over nolva but I chose to go nolva for 2 reasons: 1. Apparently nolva can potentially accelerate prolactin related sides, but prolactin sides don't become pronounced unless taking tren for more than 6 weeks or at doses upwards of 120 mg (neither of which I am doing.) 2. Heard from many sources that i'll feel like watching sex and the city reruns with a box of tissues on hand if taking clomid (ie ill feel like a friggin chick.)

  7. any thoughts on the zma during and post cycle?

  8. zma is fine. and dont always go off of what people tell u about clomid making u feel like a bitch some people have that side others dont. so i would say dont knock it till u try it but nolvas good too.

  9. oops my bad dude i didnt see what you wrote at the bottom. i would def take ZMA on cycle because tren can cause crappy sleep. ZMA really relaxes me and gets me a deep sleep. if you got money id just low ball some clomid 50/50/25. its just a sugestion because i never feel the same after a cycle for awhile.

  10. sustain alpha will do it tho.

  11. alright solid. how about my nolva dosage, I was planning 20/20/10/10 but thinkin I might go 20/20/20/10.. Do you think it would make any difference?

  12. i think 20/20/10/10 with sustain is going to be sufficient but i mean if u feel severly suppressed in week 3 PCT then i guess go another week at 20 until u feel better but thats why blood work is always best because some people think they arent suppressed when they are and vice versa

  13. Looks great..... With a pct like that, id run it for 6 weeks upping the dose to 4pills the final 2


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