1. Inhibit-E?

    I'm new here, so i want to start my post by saying Hello to everybody.

    I'm new to this forum, and fairly new to bodybuilding. (so take it easy on me) Im 18 turning 19 soon, and I have been working out for almost two years now, and just started getting serious last year. Before you say "use the search button" i can assure you i already have and I didn't find all the answers to my questions.

    My friend gave me a bottle of M-Drol and inhibit e (for pct), and i dare not take superdrol because i am way too young and don't have too much knowledge on PH's, and after research i realised i needed a lot more supporting supp's, and M-drol is just not for me so im planning on selling it to somebody. But i am thinking about taking the inhibit e, as i heard it gives good results.

    I have a couple of questions about inhibit e.

    Is it okay for someone my age (18) to be taking a inhibit e?

    If not then why?

    Has anybody taken inhibit e and gotten good results?

    Also would it be a good idea to take EA8 while on the inhibit e?


  2. Welcome.

    You should read the Forum rules, this should not be posted in Supplements Forum.

    I cannot help with your questions, but good luck in finding the information you need.

  3. In my opinion you should not take it. Good call on not taking the M-drol.

  4. I second what BAMA said... you'll do fine with just protein, and yah smart move on avoiding the m-drol.
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  5. k thanks for the replies

    but is there a reason i shouldn't take it?

    because i already have it and if i don't take it then it will just be sitting around my house

    i have been eating clean at least 150g protein per day for a long time, taking creating on and off, tried no-shotgun, and i feel like i need an extra something for my wintertime bulking

  6. Let it sit. At your age it will not help you and it could very well hurt you. PM me what you want for it and we will talk.

  7. First, you're to young to be messin' with your hormones.
    Second, at your age, consistency and a half decent diet will work wonders for your physique.
    Third, don't rush it,... as a famous philosipher once said,.. 'patience grasshopper'.
    Think training's hard,. try losing!

  8. alright done deal. im not taking it

    Thanks for the advice guys

    I'm just gonna up the protein intake, and probly finish off my bottle of creatine.

    and big bama, im just gonna sell it to my friend from school. If your looking into its real cheap only like 25$

  9. Inhibit-E is a fantastic product when used during PCT, when test levels are low and estrogen levels are high. It effectively restores a balance, and I find it better at restoring libido than a Serm.

    At 18, your test levels will be high. And it's unlikely you'll have high estrogen levels. If you were to take this product then I seriously doubt you will notice anything, let alone notice any 'gains'.

    I don't think there is a strong reason why you shouldn't take it, it doesn't mess with your endocrine system like Superdrol might, but you simply won't notice much from it. My advice would be to sell the Inhibit-E along with the Superdrol, and if the money is burning a hole in the pocket to look at some sort of supplement that contains Creatine as well as BCAA's and other amino acids. Products which spring to mind are Purple Wraath and Green MAGnitude.

    Oh and have your diet critiqued. Supplements don't do diddly squat unless you're eating enough protein and quality carbs.

  10. yeah ive been looking into them

    Ive been taking VPX's No Shotgun for about a month now, and i am loving everything about it. Ive noticed some serious gains from this stuff.

    its got creatine, arginine, BCAA's, Glutamine, Beta Alanine, and Ethyl Ester

    i only take it on workout days and i love the pump i get from it. Its a good underappreciated product.


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