Blood pressure culprit?

  1. Blood pressure culprit?

    Hoping to get some information... I usually have 130/70 BP most of the time. The last time I checked it, it was in that area. However at the dentist office i had BP reading of 152/90 and a 148/90 consectively. I am a little overweight but I'm active. I'm 5'7 and 215lbs, probably 25% body fat or so. I think it is supplement induced. Here is what I've been taking.
    1.1000 mg's of saw palemetto
    2. 2-3 times a week I take a scoop of superpump 250
    3. 300 mg's of ALA
    5. Primaforce Cissus 4 caps
    6. Been on Diesel Test Harcore at 4 tabs for about a week.
    7. Drink maybe 1 or 2 times a week or none at all.
    Any suggestions? Could the superpump or the DTH be giving me these numbers already?

  2. Could be or it could be your weight. Had you worked out before the dentist? Had you taken super pump or dth before the appt.
    High BP could be from a lot of things.

  3. It could just be White Coat Syndrome. My BP will go up as much as 20 points on both ends almost every time I go to the doctor.

  4. It could be my weight, however, I have maintained this weight for long time and haven't had a problem with BP. No, I did not workout this morning. I did take my supp's this morning. the 4 tabs of DTH. I took a scoop of superpump yesterday before a workout.

  5. You took 4 tabs of DTH at one setting? I think you're suppose to take them spread out during the day.

  6. By god Sherlock I think that might be it... your an a roll.
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  7. Quote Originally Posted by DreamWeaver View Post
    By god Sherlock I think that might be it... your an a roll.
    Two for two. Stand back I'm hot.

  8. Definitely could be from a lot of things:

    Stims (fat burners, caffeine, NO products)

    **Also, like what I went thru ealier bp is usually a bit high (heredity), but 2day at the Dr office my reading was 160/100 and I was like oh wow. Then I had them use the right cuff (the bigger one) & it was like 135/90...big diff! My Dr told me to make sure the nurses use the bigger one. And those machines in pharmacys and what the bottom, they are for only like 14 inch it could be a lot of things.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Big BAMA View Post
    Two for two. Stand back I'm hot.
    Correction... I took two of the 4 DTH this morning. Not the whole 4 at one time. I wonder if that makes a difference?


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