Day off Sunday

DAY 50 ... 2nd last day on MFXMS!
WO was at 9pm ...4MFXMS pre

Down to the last day's worth of MFXMS and HDX2...
Attributed to an uppage in dosing near the end and compensating for a shift work schedule...
Has been a good ride for sure.

Squats / Biceps / Triceps / Limited Shoulders


185pds x 10
225pds x 10
275pds x 10
315pds x 8
365pds x 4
405pds x 2

Underhand and Overhand Wristcurls

40(U)+50(O) @ 10pds(DBs)
30(U)+50(O) @ 15pds(DBs)
25(U)+40(O) @ 20pds(DBs)
15(U)+35(O) @ 30pds(DBs)
EZ Curl Bar Reverse Curls
12 x 20pds
12 x 30pds
10 x 40pds
10 x 50pds Mega Pump!
Standing EZ Curl Bar Tricep Extensions
15 x 20pds
12 x 30pds
12 x 40pds
10 x 50pds
(all above were done in supersets)

Reverse Seating Pec Dec Shoulder Flares

90pds x 12
100pds x 12
115pds x 10
130pds x 10

Cable Rope Tricep Pressdowns

100pds x 15
130pds x 12
160pds x 10
220pds x 4.... these were a challenge!
Straight Bar Curls on Cable Machine with Arm Blaster
70pds x 15
90pds x 12
110pds x 10
130pds x 10
(both exercises done as supersets)

Facing in, Incline Bench Shoulder Extensions

10pd DBs x 20
15pd DBs x 15
20pd DBs x 15

Double D Handle, Cable Machine Inward Bicep Curls

30pds each side x 20
50pds each side x 15
70pds each side x 12
15pd DBs
20pd DBs
25pd DBs
Kneeling Flat Bench DB Kickbacks
20pd DBs x 15
25pd DBs x 12
30pd DBs x 12
(these above three exercises done as supersets)

Was a good, fairly quick, intense WO tonight...
Great pump and intensity held throughout...
Felt great about the way the Squatage transpired...
Will have a detailed final write up in the next couple of days with pics and measurements ( work it into the work schedule ) and will increase cardio substantially to bring me into a hardcore shredding phase...

Overall quite happy with the way this stack played out....