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    well the reason im feeling ****ty & so achy is im actually sick. i started feeling feverish and left the gym mid-workout today.. slept a bit, and sure enough i have a fever.

    so log is on hold till the fever is gone.. hopefully i dont lose any lbm or im gonna be pissed

    Arjun, where are you dude?! I hope you are doing ok...
    ...GMG760 Version 2.0 ... Back from the dead.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by GMG760 View Post
    Arjun, where are you dude?! I hope you are doing ok...
    still here.. just got back into the gym a few days ago. my super achy joints & fever was actually mild salmonella poisoning, which was lots of fun also got my shoulder checked out at the doc's and he said it was just strained from overuse but im good to go on the gym.

    all said and done i didnt actually lose any weight which is a good thing... so im just getting back into the swing of things. my stomach is still a little iffy especially with the anabolic pump...

    either way ill be continuing my log once i get back into the swing of things.



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