Ok guys i got in my shipment today of my 5lbs of WPI Punch , Excell Punch, and my Cycle Support Peanut Butter.

So today i used the Excell with my NO shotgun Pre workout, 2 scoops of Excell which masked the flavor of NO shotgun pretty good. The Texture was light and bearable and although there was a lot of liquid for me to consume it sat rather well on my stomach. Workout was great, and everything was up in terms of strength.

PWO i used 3 1/2 scoops of the Punch WPI ( thats the serving size LOL ) and 2 scoops Excell. The taste wasnt the best but its punch. I seem to find that if its not choco, or vanilla, or if its a fruity protein flavor, the flavor is odd. It mixed well though and was definately bearable!

I havnt tried the Cycle Support yet as i will start that tomorrow most likely, but will update this thread with how that tastes and then once my chaos comes in ill review that. Oh yea i got 2 samples of choc chip cookies!! I shall review those and the peanut butter ones as well!!

Thanks again Crowler for some kick ass supps bro!