anyone ever use those xyence supps?

  1. anyone ever use those xyence supps?

    I never see any posts about them. So I went out and got there whole line..shinny tubes look nice lol..oh well.

  2. How much did that run you? I have never tried Xyience, or really any brand like it because of the cost factor. I am sure their products work as the ingredients seem sound, but why not get the exact same stuff for half the price from our board sponsors?

  3. The couple of product labels I read from them showed ingredient profiles too under dosed to do squat, all at a premium price. I would stay away.

    Too late for you however.
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  4. I love this post "Didn't hear anything about this stuff, so I bought it all, think it's any good?"

  5. Sorry I switched names..anyway I wasn't asking if you guys thought the brand was any good. I jus wanted to ask why none have tried it? Anyway I love the products so far taste good and the vitamins don't smell bad like animale packs. Anyone tried fizogen? I know same **** here but there products do look pretty good if you have the money...I'm getting all my supps really cheap anyway.

  6. Dude, Fizogen is pure garbage. Straight up.

  7. Ok but when you say that about fizogen do you mean they don't work or taste bad? I mean people say the same about muscletech but if you have the money they do work to a point.

  8. As in they fail in all aspects of a good company. Price, effeciency, and dosage. Like BP said, these type of brands use somewhat the same ingredients as the brands we use but at half the dose, then they charge you twice the money.

  9. Stop Looking At Me Swwwwaaaaan!

  10. Xyience is to MMA what Muscletech is the BBing.

  11. Wow good points..ok


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