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  1. ****EXCELL LOG ****Pfunk47

    These are the logs of our lives, this log is about me Testing EXCELL for the "Cookie man" Crowler - www.Chemistry-Labs.com

    The product: http://chemistry-labs.com/inc/sdetail/37

    ME - Pfunk47
    Age: 27
    Sex: M
    HT: 5'11
    WT: 238 Lbs (17 stones!!)
    BF: 13.6% - electronic calipers used.

    Training Experience - 12 years, serious training - 5 years
    Athletic Experience - HS Footall/track, College - Football

    Current goals - dieting down to 7-9% before taking a break

    16 week calculated plan, 4 weeks in so far.

    Current training and Diet - Bobo's Plan - certain details I cannot post out of respect for his business. It's super clean eating, very boring and the same foods everyday, macro levels fluctuate everyday and there is no cheating. I've been implenting this for about a year now but was pretty close to this kind of eating for 3 years now. I just wasn't as strict nor ate as much protein as I am on his plan.

    Training -
    Sun: Chest
    Mon: Back
    Tues: Am cardio only - 45 in
    Wed: Arms/shoulders - 30 min cardio
    Thur: Legs
    Fri: tris - 30 min cardio
    Sat: am cardio only - 45 min

    Additional Supplements:
    Cissus (taking for 2 months)
    Powerfull (taking for 1.5 months)
    V-12 ( on 2nd week)
    C/E/ - (4 ever)
    Zinc/Mag/Calcium - (4 ever)
    Green Defense (green super food) - here's the link if any one wants to cehck it out, nasty taste but good for you and cheap

    Everyday schedule - 9-5 office job in front of a computer all day with a fridge under the desk (besides sleeping, I couldnt' rest any more) - then training at 5 every day. (I know nobody cares about that crap but rest is important to dieting success and keeping size naturally)

    Current Stats: from the past 4 weeks - all measurements cold taken on Sundays 2:00 pm

    Key: F=Flexed, UF=UnFlexed, LB/RB=Left/Right Bicep, C=Chest, LT/RT=Left/Right Thigh, LC/RC - Left/Right Calve

    Week 1 - 3/12

    LB - F= 17.5 UF= 15.75
    RB - F= 17.5 UF= 15.25
    C - F= 44.75 UF= 43.5
    LT - F= 27.25 UF= 26.5
    RT - F= 26.5 UF= 26
    LC - F= 13.75 UF= 16.5
    RC - F= 17 UF= 16.75

    BF= 15.9-16.8 = 16.2%

    Week 2 - 3/19

    LB - F= 17.75 UF= 16
    RB - F= 17.5 UF= 16
    C - F= 45 UF= 43
    LT - F= 27.25 UF= 26.75
    RT - F= 27 UF= 26.5
    LC - F= 16.75 UF= 16.5
    RC - F= 17 UF= 16.75

    BF= 13.6-15.9 = 14.75%

    Week 3 - 3/26

    LB - F= 18 UF= 16.25
    RB - F= 18 UF= 16.5
    C - F= 44.5 UF= 42.5
    LT - F= 27 UF= 26.5
    RT - F= 27 UF= 26.75
    LC - F= 17 UF= 16.5
    RC - F= 17 UF= 16.75

    BF= 14.2%

    Week 4 - 4/2

    LB - F= 18 1/8 UF= 16.75
    RB - F= 18 1/8 UF= 16.75
    C - F= 44.75 UF= 43.25
    LT - F= 28 UF= 27
    RT - F= 28 1/8 UF= 27.25
    LC - F= 17 UF= 16.75
    RC - F= 17.5 UF= 17

    BF= 13.6%

    I think that is all the relevant information anyone needs right now - please feel free to ask anything I might of missed.

    Current training, Supp, dieting evaluation: So far things are going great - the fact that I have barely lost any weight is amazing yet I keep getting a little bigger - the powerfull/Cissus Combo by itself is spectaculor - Strength feels great as well. The addition of V-12 increased the pumps as well as 2-3 lbs of H20. Probably why I feel a bigger pump, more water in my cells.
    - That was the short version -

    Now, Finally that you have read the Preface, which people rarely do - on to the LOG

    EXCELL LOG - 4/4

    4/3 - arrived in the mail - took 3 servings during my workout - 34.5 grams (digital scale) (3 heaping and I mean heaping teaspoons) into 2/3 gallon water - decent taste - like a jolly rancher. Usually the Cissus/Powerfull v-12 gives me an awesome pump with the addition of the EXCELL my pumps where extremely hard, not really a bigger pump but my whole body felt much harder overall - even my chest was jacked and that is not normal when I just did chest Sunday.

    Energy levels throughout my workout where insane - usually 45/50 min workouts - last night - under 40 mins and the hardest parts of my set (the end) where much easier. A little GI bloat but nothing major it actaully helped me not have night time hunger pains.

    4/4 - Morning Cardio - 1 serving - energy levels where great the amazing pump returned and during cardio that is certainly not normal as well as being this early in the am, I usually feel kinda flat -not today. I also didnt' take anything but EXCELL before/during cardio.

    Sipping on 3 servings throughout the work day - I feel like I want to go workout again.

    So far the addition is what I was hoping for - lots of energy and a great overall felling.

    I'll have pics when I get down to 8%, I can't post the fat pics yet no one wants to see those.

    That was wayyy to much to read - but feel free to ask any questions.
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  2. Day 3 - complete - currently progressing through day 4 - Full 6 doses a day.

    Did bi's/shoulders last night - great pumps again, the vascularity seems a lot more obvious than last week. Finished my last few reps very strong, recovery time was shorter than normal and very noticeable - looks like next week I may be moving up weights. Energy levels are through the roof, I am starting to feel like I could swing two workouts a day and that is certainly not a normal feeling while dieting.

    My overall recovery is fantastic - no DOMS what so ever - usually I am pretty soar the next day during dieting, so far no soarness at all

    The taste has grown on me and I like it a lot - I may never go back to normal water again.

    Tonight is Legs - I predict a great workout, high energy and no DOMS what so ever. usually the DOMS is so bad that by sat my legs kill. I have a feeling EXCELL is going to help me out here.

  3. Nice work. 5/8" on the biceps in 4 weeks is HHHUUGGEEE

  4. Quote Originally Posted by rysigpi
    Nice work. 5/8" on the biceps in 4 weeks is HHHUUGGEEE

    Thanks !! - I'am hoping to add another 5/8'' during this review.

    -I think we'll both see some decent increases during our dieting -

    do you have the overall feeling of more energy since adding this?

  5. Definately some more energy, I have not taken a nap all week or even laid down to rest!

  6. Day 4 complete -

    legs last night went great - energy levels where higher than normal for leg day, recovery time was real fast. Barbell lunges felt better than normal usually I hate these.

    supersetted straight leg deadlifts and leg press, these are my last two excercises anyways but the first time I tried to combine them in a superset. It was taxing but I was amazed how great each set felt with 3 min in between.

    it went like this:

    SLD - 295x8 (2 down, 2 up) then LP - 855x10 (2 down, 2 up)
    3 min rest
    3 min rest
    2 min rest
    Leg press repeat only

    - It hurt and I sweated a bucket but I didnt' feel to taxed later on and today I feel great, I expect tomorrow to have the DOMS set in real hard as usual but we'll see.

  7. I forgot to mention - 3/4 of a gallon with 3 servings taste just like KOOL-AID - one of my friends has sugar free Kool-aid for his kids, I compared them and it was practically the same. OH-Yeah!!!!

  8. Nice log.

    Looks like you are being very dedicated.

    I am interested so people know, what flavor of diet koolaid does it seem to taste similar to?

    Keep up the good work.

    Sleep Supplement 3Z BCAA: Red Raspberry and Lemon flavors
    HGH/sleep enhancer: HGHpro
    Test Booster: TestoPRO and STOKED!
    Preworkout: MANIAC Fruit Punch and Pink Lemonade

  9. The original Fruit punch kind. Besides grape there is no other Kool-aid !!

    it taste so good I am drinking it way to fast - I finished my 1st 3 servings at 1:30 - I cant' just drink regular water until workout time. not adding more yet, but I see myself possibly bumping up to 7, 8 servings.

    - This is also working real well for an appetite surpressant, I haven't had hunger pains since I started. I desire no more

  10. Here's week 5's progress - 6 days of EXCELL so far. 1% bf reducation, 3.5lbs increase on a cut

    - I think I am holding a tad but of extra water today, went to a wedding last night, planned for it as dinner was my cheat meal (grilled chicken, green beans, potatoes) but the rolls where pretty good so I had a few extra).

    1 serving during Sats. cardio - make cardio too easy
    4 more throughout the day - not one hunger pain (certainly not normal on sat, usually I want to eat everything)

    So far today (Sunday, 4-9) I have had 6 servings already. A little to much to fast - during my workout (chest) I felt a little nausish but it was mild and went away quickly. Energy is still through the roof, constant pump all day, even more during workouts.

    DOMS from Thursday's workout (legs) that usually sets in pretty hard on sat was mild, legs where pretty sore but once I stretched it didn't bother me all day, again not normal.

    - Again, all measurements taken cold and measured with electronic calipers.

    Week 5 - 4/9

    LB - F= 18 1/8 UF= 16.5
    RB - F= 18 UF= 16.5
    C - F= 45.5 UF= 42.25
    LT - F= 27.5 UF= 27
    RT - F= 27.75 UF= 27
    LC - F= 17 UF= 16.75
    RC - F= 17 1/8 UF= 17

    BF= 12.7%

    - So far EXCELL is accelerating my recovery time, giving me tons of energy, suppressing my apettite while dieting and increasing my pumps. Highly impressed so far.

  11. Day 7 & 8 complete.

    Monday - Back - sets where easier, recovery time is still improved, no DOMS and energy levels still high. Appetite surpressed as well.

    Tuesday - AM cardio - 1 serving - seems quicker with more energy.

    drank 4 more in my gallon throughout the day - I think I should of added 1 more serving as I raked my yard and did outside spring cleaning for 4 hrs than ripped out my car suspension for 5 hrs, by hand no air tools

    - by the end of yesterday I wasn't beat like I usually would of while dieting but I was not full of energy. The EXCELL kept me moving and helped a great deal in recovering I believe.

  12. Day 9 & 10 complete

    Wed - tris, solid workout, moved up 10lbs in weights on every exercise, fealt great - high energy and geat recovery.

    Thurs - Legs - 7 servings

    Great leg day, I started out with 4 servings throught the day (exact amount that was left in the first bag, just used it all) - even though I was feeling great I just didnt' desire to go to the gym. I fought trough it and had an awesome leg day.

    I added 20lb to my squat, 90 to the leg press, and 50 to my finishing hack squats. Finished it as if I added no weight at all, I'll probably be adding more weight next week.

    This time dieting is going much better than last year, same diet same workouts too, different supplement stack yet instead of losing weight I am staying right at 240lbs, ao I am adding some serious mucle - aprrox - 10lbs so far - I am having a hard time believing all this myself

    The addition of EXCELL is going exactly how I hoped. This stuff is amazing !!!

    I hate to rush time but I can't wait to see what two months of heavy dosing is going to do.

  13. Day 11, 12, 13 - complete

    Fridays workout went well, much of the same feelings overall, high energy, quick recovery - strong pumps

    Sat - Cardio - easy as pie (mmmm Pie)

    PI = 3.14 - http://keithschofield.com/pi/std.html - hahaha

    Sunday - chest - great workout - all gyms where closed so I had to go to yuppie ville - the Michigan Athletic club but they have an indoor track (they better for $125 a month), anyways finsihed up my workout running 1 mile and some wind sprints, I should not have this much energy during a cut, no way.

    EXCELL IS AMAZING - Most studies with BCAA's are done on moderate protein - 250 grams at most mixed with about 1/2 the amount of bcaa's I am consuming. Most studies report greater ATP recovery and higher energy.

    I am taking around 400 grams protein a day and obviously higher dosing - the results are better than any study I have seen.

  14. Here's this weeks results

    Week 6 - 4/16

    LB - F= 18 UF= 16.5
    RB - F= 18 Uf= 16.5
    C - F= 44 UF= 41.25
    LT - F= 27.5 UF= 26.75
    RT - F= 27 UF= 26.25
    LC - F= 17 UF= 16.5
    RC - F= 17 UF= 16.5

    BF= 11.8%

    Over the past two weeks of use I gained 7lbs of lean mass - measurements are decreased from last week but I also lost 1% BF.

    Two Week Conclusion - 7lbs leans mass gained, weight staying constant 240lbs, energy always high, strength always full, pumps feel very hard, appetite supressed, bodyfat reduction seems to be increased 50% from normal dieting.

    In the 4 weeks previous I was at an average of .5%-.7% loss, past two with EXCELL are up to about 1% average.

  15. I failed to mention - DOMS is non-existant - I have no soarness what so ever - usually on Saturdays, it hurts real bad to sit down and get up, since EXCELL all soarness has dissapeared. Another fantastic result.

  16. Here's one study that shows why higher energy levels are present

    : J Nutr. 2006 Feb;136(2):544S-547S. Related Articles, Links
    Click here to read
    A role for branched-chain amino acids in reducing central fatigue.

    Blomstrand E.

    Astrand Laboratory, University College of Physical Education and Sports and Department of Physiology and Pharmacology, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden. [email protected]

    Several factors have been identified to cause peripheral fatigue during exercise, whereas the mechanisms behind central fatigue are less well known. Changes in the brain 5-hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) level is one factor that has been suggested to cause fatigue. The rate-limiting step in the synthesis of 5-HT is the transport of tryptophan across the blood-brain barrier. This transport is influenced by the fraction of tryptophan available for transport into the brain and the concentration of the other large neutral amino acids, including the BCAAs (leucine, isoleucine, and valine), which are transported via the same carrier system. Studies in human subjects have shown that the plasma ratio of free tryptophan (unbound to albumin)/BCAAs increases and that tryptophan is taken up by the brain during endurance exercise, suggesting that this may increase the synthesis of 5-HT in the brain. Ingestion of BCAAs increases their concentration in plasma. This may reduce the uptake of tryptophan by the brain and also 5-HT synthesis and thereby delay fatigue. Accordingly, when BCAAs were supplied to human subjects during a standardized cycle ergometer exercise their ratings of perceived exertion and mental fatigue were reduced, and, during a competitive 30-km cross-country race, their performance on different cognitive tests was improved after the race. In some situations the intake of BCAAs also improves physical performance. The results also suggest that ingestion of carbohydrates during exercise delays a possible effect of BCAAs on fatigue since the brain's uptake of tryptophan is reduced.

  17. I may be a dummy. But isn't this jus bcaa's? What's so good about this?

  18. Correct, it is just bcaa's but you get 2 kilos for 4 cents less than 1 Kilo of Extend, so you get double for your money and fruit punch is a lot taster to drink all the time than watermelon IMO.

    Beast did a Log for extend (BCAA's) which is very imformative - It has a ton of useful facts and is what initially sparked my interest in perusing BCAA mega dosing.


    I am logging to provide others proof that BCAA supplementation can provide huge benefits and gains in lean mass when diet along with training is taken seriously. There are so many worthles supplements out there that the basics are easliy overshadowed by magic pills. For the natural lifter who does not wish to persue AAS, finding the magic pill will cost them tons of hard earned cash ($600 billion dollar industry). Bcaa;s have been used since the 50's by lifters but yet you never here about animal paks (another bcaa supplement exactly like, EXCELL & Extend) because supposively it tastes like ass, as well as all other non-flavored bulk BCAA's.

    So EXCELL is exceptiional as it is 2 kilos for a fantastic price, It also tastes great. you can't beat a good deal if the supplement actually works, which it certainly is.

    EXCELL - Punch Flavor 2070g, 4.6 pounds 180 servings
    Price: $79.95

    L-Leucine 3.5 g
    L-Glutamine 2.5 g
    L-Isoleucine 1.75 g
    L-Valine 1.75 g
    Citrulline Malate 1 g
    Vitamin B6 10 mg


    Scivation Xtend™ (1035 Grams) - $79.99 - Watermelon

    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size: 2 Scoops (11.5 grams)
    Servings Per Container: 90
    Amount Per Serving % Daily Value*
    Vitamin B6 (as Pyroxidine HCl) 10 mg 167%
    L-Leucine 3.5 g †
    L-Glutamine 2.5 g †
    L-Isoleucine 1.75 g †
    L-Valine 1.75 g †
    Citrulline Malate 1 g †

  19. Day 13, 14 workouts complete.

    Mon - back - workout was great, high energy, recovery, great pumps.

    Tues - morning cardio - too easy and I wanted to keep going, I could barely wait to get there this morning.

    What is odd (in a good way) about the high energy is I feel like at any moment when I am at work I could get up and sprint for ever, I know if I wanted to I think I could squeeze two workouts in a day.

    The difference in energy from last years cut to this years is night and day - also I am not having the mood swings I did last year either.

  20. day 15 complete -

    Wed - bi's / shoulders - another great workout, added 5 lbs to each exercise overall for the same amount of reps so strength has continued to rise. Energy along with recovery is great still.

    Overall energy is still improved - been staying up lately till 1am or so with no problem, usually I am in bed by 11 and overall I have been doing more activities now with spring here (an extremely warm spring too) but still no energy loss.

    Tonight - Legs - I plan to add more weight to each exercise, I added more last week and it was cake - adding more would seem unlikely during dieting but I feel this again will be no problem due to the mega-dosing.

  21. day 16 complete -

    Good workout, my prediction was crap I lifted no more weight than normal, but I cut my rest periods down the 1:30-2 mins, opposed to 3 min like usual. I still fealt good, high energy, strong pumps, sets went great but once I got into it, adding weight was not neccesary this week that why I shortened the rest periods to make up for it

    Still no DOMS overall on any muscle since starting EXCELL.

    Tonight is tri's and cardio - very easy night, I'll add some extra abs and forearm work in there just to try and use all this energy I have.

  22. Day 17 - 18 complete

    Fri - Tri's went easy, added 10 lbs to each excercise, it fealt great. completed the whole workout in 30 mins, cut my rest down to 1 min between sets - so I increased weight and decreased rest - Thanks EXCELL.

    Sat - 45 min morning cardio - easy - took 6 servings sat - I also did some serious work on my house (long story short, I am remodeling) so I had to cut and re-frame the kitchen ceiling ( 6 hrs of work, stopping for meals in between of course) - I fealt great all day, not a drop in energy once, by the end of the day I was tired but not dead like I should be in a dieting phase.

    Also no DOMS from Legs on thursday - Since starting EXCELL all DOMS is gone.

  23. Week 7 - 4/23

    LB - F= 18 1/8 UF= 16.5
    RB - F= 18 UF= 16.5
    C - F= 44.5 UF= 41.5
    LT - F= 27 UF= 26.5
    RT - F= 27 UF= 26.5
    LC - F= 17 UF= 16.5
    RC - F= 17 UF= 16.5

    BF= 10.9%

    Comparing last week to this week - doing the math it appears that I have lost 2lb of lean mass but......I have increased weights on many exercises this week. I may need to increase calories a bit - consulting with Bobo later. Water weight may be the only factor though - which in turn would have made my lean mass calculations off last week off.

    more to come.....

    On side note I tested my friend who came in at 4.9% bf, he's a little guy, something like 165lbs - 5'6 but it showed me how much longer I have to go - almost half way to the end.

  24. day 19 complete

    Sun. - Chest - went very well - considering I did some more framing for 2 hrs before my workout. Added 5 lbs on dumbells for incline - again very impressed that I am adding weights during dieting. High energy and recovery increased seem to be the biggest benefits thus far.

    Crowler Cookies - I made these last night during sopranos - I think I added too much milk because they came out kinda cake like - They where damn tasty and my friend (who is not into bodybuilding /health foods etc) liked them as well. you can taste the health in them, no guilt at all.

  25. day 20 complete -

    Mon- Back - Just got down with the workout - went well - added two more reps in pull-ups, 3x10 when usually it's just 3x8. Fealt easy. added 10lbs on close-grip rows as well 200lbs 3x10 (2sec back, 3sec negative) - did some forearm work to finish up - it's a little tough to type right now.

    Weight today was 240lbs so yesterday had to be water fluctuation as usually I hold water. I urinated like crazy yesterday so I knew that was going to affect yesterdays weigh in.

    so keeping all things constant (as I am sure I was holding water like normal last week) - instead of losing 2lbs of lean mass - I gained 1.84lbs of lean mass

    that puts me at 9lbs lean mass in 20 days - Like I said before - EXCELL is doing amazing things.

    I have been on this board for 4 years now and people who take PH's and AAS barely report gains like this.

    I will not jump the gun and will save the final evaluation when I am done but if I add 4lbs in for water weight during each week thus far during dieting - that's 6lbs min. of lean mass gained - anyone would take that.


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