Double ActivaTe + RXT = WOW

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Robboe
    I am getting this chest-effect now from double-dosing activate.

    I am also training with a volume approach with high frequency and show no signs of overtraining (or slowing down).
    Same here on both accounts.

  2. I myself am currently on a cycle of double dosed activate and rebound reloaded. This is my second run of these compounds and have to agree with the acne aspect. I definately notice increased amounts of acne to my back and sometimes chest while using. The NHA stack is very effective and lives up to its claims IMO. I myself have never had hair issues while taking these supplements, but I can see how they would increase your risk if your already predispostioned genetically.

  3. are you all using just activate or getting bulk powder?
    if the nettle root powder is 10:1 what does that mean and how does it compare to custom having 95% nettle root?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by charliewat
    are you all using just activate or getting bulk powder?
    if the nettle root powder is 10:1 what does that mean and how does it compare to custom having 95% nettle root?

    The urtica standardised to 10% divanil requires x10 the dosing (so you're talking about 16g of the stuff to get the equivalent activate dosing). Not to mention there is talk of other lignans in the extract possibly antagonizing the effect of the Divanil. Never read into that though.
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  5. I'm using CNW's bulk powder because at the time, Activate was hard to get a hold of. I mixed it with his Avena sativa powder and capped it. Works well. I sorta feel bad, but I have given DS so much $$ in the days when it was just Matt that I should be on the board of directors there. lol

    For me, the best benefit is just feeling great all the time. I must have had pretty high SHGB levels.

  6. Figured I''d chime in and say that double dosing act. does indeed have a much more pronounced effect for me as well. Going on three weeks since I came off of a TRN/Zol cycle and still fill like I'm on. Weight has decreased 2lbs or so but strength is better, and vascularity/fullness is identical to what it was while on.
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by doggzj
    I just thought I'd update and say that I've cut my run short. I know how it works now, and I really want to do this with a bulk. Natural bulking with this setup would be amazing, and I will probably log a run of it over the summer. Until then:

    If you can afford do double the dose, it's worth it. I highly recommend this stack, expecially on a bulk. Thanks so much to DS for bringing this to market.
    A question? When you came off the activaTe, did your lifts drops back into normal range? The last few weeks on only 2 pills a day combined with white blood/green bulge my lifts have increased as my weight has decreased. It's also been a while since I have really tried to get stronger in my lifts every week. And I have been making plateau-busting progress, I am just wondering how much of that can be attributed to my supplement use..

  8. For anyone who is thinking about double dosing activate, I too had awesome results. I was maintaining my bodyweight while cutting, and gaining strength. The NHA Stack with double Activate may be the best supp combo on the market.

  9. My strength is sticking around post cycle and has even gone up on a few lifts. That never happens for me.

  10. Worth every penny to double dose the ActivaTe...

  11. I might just ramp it up.. ****, I've only been taking half the dose anyway I got plenty of left over beta batch (the 20 caps a day type) so I can afford to pop a few extra per day and see if it makes a diff, I will let you know how it works for me along with white blood/green bulge.

  12. I guess dosing retin-a had a profound affect towards my oil tho....and the pills too.
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  13. How interesting. I have followed this thread from start on - and I believe there's significant potential health benefits from this.

    So I've started an NHA myself and 1.5 x ActivaTe but am also including BlackOut at night + 5-HTP for increasing sleep quality.

    After two weeks, I can definitely feel the difference - I am in a
    WORLD of heavy stress and sleep deprivation at the moment, yet body weight's staying up and body fat is not climbing. Workouts have been few and far between due to time pressures.

    Coincidence? no way! I react to stress and shed weight insanely fast - yet this time, nothing.

    Double thumbs up!

  14. This is great! Im on week three of the nha stack. Im not on pct. I probably will not go on a ph cycle sense the gains have been great. Ive gained about 5 lbs. Plus i did a cycle of igf-1lr3 before. I have had a little acne on the face and one huge bump on the back. Shucks, my mother asked me if i was steroids! Is it necessary to cycle off the nha stack if your not going to do a ph cycle? I think i will increase the dosage to 5 activate, 4 rr. I have had some mood swings too.

  15. Careful on 4 caps of RR. Might kill libido due to low estrogen.

  16. Ahh gotcha. I have been feeling lathargic as hell. Gotripped said it was from the RR. Is there something that can combat this. Funny thing though as soon as i do a heavy lift and cardio workout i feel totally awake. Also, sense im not plannning on doing a ph cycle, do i still need to cycle off the nha stack?


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