1. V1 **PRODIGY** LOG

    Some timeago the folks at PNI sent me a can of Prodigy to try and log for you guyís.Unfortunately, at the time I was unable to do so but now that everything has settleddown, I want to go ahead and give this stuff a try and let you know what Ithink.

    Aftercompeting this past weekend and taking a few days off, I felt it was time toget back at it. The plan is to start off easy with a 3 day a week program (DogCrapp Style) and work my way back into full beast mode. This I feel is the bestapproach as it will limit the possibility of any potential injuries due to mydepleted post contest state and provide me a good program to start backing onthe size and making the improvements need for next yearís show!

    As per the instruction on the label, I went withonly a half a dose for my first time to ensure no stomach issue and as luckwould have it, we were good to go! Myfirst dose was taken with 8oz of tap water (Luke warm). I wasnít overlyimpressed with the flavor (Raspberry Lemonade) but to be fair, that could havebeen due to it being only a half a serving and the temperature of thewater. So Iíll keep an open mind on thetaste until I go with a full serving. As far as the effects of the product, Ibegan feeling the Beta Alanine about 7 minís after taking it (and that was on asemi-full stomach). As for the work out, Iím not ready to pass any judgment asthe workout wasnít all that hard as Iíve already mentioned that I was justgetting back into it. I will say that I had no issues getting through the workout.Focus was good and energy levels were fair. Will have to wait and see how itdose once the intensity levels start to go up!

    If you guyswould like me to add any additional info or items to this log, just let me knowand Iíll see what I can do.

    !!More to follow!!

  2. Im in on this one. Post contest is a great time to grow your body is just begging for nutrients! What did you place?
    Hit me up with any questions any time.

  3. They only called out the top three which I wasn't one,, I'm still waiting for the promoters to post the score cards. I'm think 4-5th out of 6 in the master over 40 class.

  4. 5 SEP 13:

    Took my 2nd dose of Prodigy and my actual first full dose which the label claims to be 8.5 grm’s I think. However, if you go on their web page for this product, it says something like 12 something grm’s?? Not sure what gives?
    Anyway, now that I’ve had a full serving (water a little cooler this time) I have to say that I’m still not overly impressed with the flavor or the results. Maybe it just the flavor combination I’m having issues with. I know, maybe PNI could send me some of the other flavors to sample and I could make an educated choice/decision.
    As for the mix itself, I have to say that I wasn’t really impressed all that much at first. I did Bi’s, Calves and Quads last night and didn’t really feel anything from the product. No extreme rush of energy or any real tingle from the Beat-A. It wasn’t until I started hitting Quads (about 20-30min into work out) that I started getting a hell of a pump in the quads! Felt like my skin was going to bust. I got thru the workout in about an hour without much of a problem. I will say that even though I wasn’t running around all hyped up, I was focused and seem to have enough continuous energy to make it a decent workout and I say that because I was dragging some before heading to the gym. On a side note and I’m going to wait and see if it happens again, but there were times towards the end of the workout and once back home (shortly after workout) that I became very light headed. Not sure if this was from the Prod-mix or something else. Like I said will wait to see if it happens again.


  5. Warm water makes it taste better imo
    Hit me up with any questions any time.

  6. 06 SEP 13:
    Woke up at 0415, had breakfast around 0430 (2 oz ground Beef 93% Mix w/Spinach, Cilantro, Onions & cooked in Coconut oil & Organic raw butter ).

    Pounded 1 full serving at about 0530 and hit the gym at 0600. Had a pretty good workout. So far, this stuff has kept the focus up and the energy constant. Nothing over the top mind you, just enough though to grind through the workout.

    07 SEP 13:

    Sat, hit the gym around 0830 today. Took a 1 Ĺ serving this time and other than the beta-a rush, I didn't really feel much differences. Look don’t get me wrong, this stuff isn't bad. It’s keeps you focused throughout the workout and it gives you just enough of an energy boost to keep you going but the claims it makes about how great it is and the crazy pumps/energy you’ll get from it,, I just haven’t seen it yet. Maybe my receptors are kind of burned out from all the PW **** I've been taking over the last 17 weeks. SO maybe I gotta really up the dose here. I’ll give it a try later. Going to relax now and enjoy the rest of my weekend. SUN/Mon off days!!

  7. 12 SEP13

    So I’ve had a few more servings of this pre-workout mix and overall, I’m pleased with it. I will say that I’ve had better but overall it seems to be a good product. I’m not sure how it compares to the old version. I have figured out that the best way to use this is to give it the full 30 min’s time to full enter the system as the label suggests.

  8. Well, another few more servings and workouts under my belt now. Moved my servings up to 1.5 (or 12grams) now which seems to work best for me. I made the mistake the other day of adding a Thermo product to the arsenal of pre-workout sups and was so wired out it was crazy. Did a late night workout that day and was in overdrive for most of the night!! I will try and post a video or a few pic’s on here from my workouts to show you how effective this stuff is in keeping me focused through the workout. Until them,, take care!!

  9. 27SEP13:

    A few more workouts in and I gotta tell yua, Although this mix gets me through the workout, It hasn't left me with much else to talk about. I'd have to say it's not a mix that I think I would spend any money on.. It's ok, but its just nothing great.

  10. Coming to the end of my jug of and wanted to give my overall assessment of this product. So if I were to use a scale of 1-10 (ten being good) I would rate the product in the following manner.
    1. Flavor: 5,
    Flavor wasnít bad; it just wasnít much of anything to really go speak of (Raspberry Lemonade) .
    2. Product Size: 10
    Based on serving size and the amount of product needed, it went a long way so it was easy on the wallet.
    3. Mix ability: 10
    Warm or cold, I had no issues with mixing/shaking this product up.
    4. Overall: 5 or 6
    Itís not like I have any major complaints with it or that I was so dissatisfied with it that I stopped using it. Itís more of an issue of it being that it just it didnít do a lot for me. It didnít impress (workout/energy levels/focus) me to point of wanting to buy a tub for myself. So there you have it. I hoped this log helped someone out. Iím sure itís what the folk at Prodigy want to here but asked me to give you my thoughts and well here yua go.


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