xhrr and a log about inhibiting prolactin with SNS (NS)

  1. xhrr and a log about inhibiting prolactin with SNS (NS)

    Non-sponsored log with SNS Inhibit-P as well as some other things I have in my stash but mainly looking at what Inhibit-P will do for me. Hoping for some improved mood and well being, increased libido, and a clearer complexion. The latter would be the most welcome as I don't have bad acne but I'm good for a pimple or two and I freak out when I get them. I used to be very active at bbcom but grew very tired of how they alienated a lot of good people and the rules and regulations were bullsht coupled with some mods who were tripping off their power.

    Also included will all be supplements I have been running and know what to expect.

    Lecheek Nutrition Speed x3 Raspberry Lemonade
    PES Anabeta
    Appnut Neovar

    Training is usually 6 days a week.

    Monday - Chest/Back
    Tuesday - Legs
    Wednesday - Shoulders
    Thursday - Legs
    Friday - Chest/Back
    Saturday - Arms/Legs/Shoulders pretty much a misc day
    Sunday - Off

    No I am not over training.

    Goals right now are to cut some weight. I am roughly 205 right now at 5'10 and 21 years old. I usually do more of a crossfit based workout go ahead flame on but I enjoy OLY lifting and the cardiovascular benefits are awesome not too mention I never knew what a foam roller was before cross fit and my flexibility has improved a ton. Anyway that being said I haven't been able to do much crossfit being back at school and having a pending knee scope coming up so no squats this log unfortunately as they are my main strength. All rambling aside I don't have a set weight goal I'll let the mirror determine that but I would like to maintain my strength while cutting, don't we all.

    I'm going to clean up my diet mainly lowering carbs and adding in some interval work most likely on the rowing machine with some more moderate steady pace cardio thrown in as well but I'm a big believer in HIIT.

    Some starting lifts to gauge where I'm at and for comparisons sake at the end:

    Dumbell Bench Press 120x4
    Dumbell Shoulder Press 90x10
    Dumbell Row 120x8
    Deadlift 405x6

    Been using more dumbells lately and these are the most up to date numbers sorry for you barbell lovers I do use them I sware .

    I figured a log would keep me in check throughout this cut which will be somewhat of a challenge with the holidays coming up and also get my reputation up on AM. Coop can vouch I'm a good dude with above average smarts when it comes to this stuff so hopefully well get some followers in here. Pics will be posted at the end.

  2. Lifted shoulders today instead of chest/back since my chest still had some soreness due to lifting Saturday since my schedule got messed up on account of school work.

    Hammer Strength Shoulder Press 55x15 70x10 100x5 125x5 145x5 155x3 (weights are per side not total, school gym was packed and no spotter for dumbells which are a bish to get up once your in the 90+ lbs area)

    Side Lateral Raise Machine 75x10 100x10 125x10 150x5 (10 sec static hold on the last rep of each set)

    Shrug Machine 380x20 drop 290x20 drop 200x20 (no rest just drop weights and go)

    Shoulder Press Machine 95x12x2 135x8x2 (tempo reps very slow on the negative portion and as fast as possible on the way up)

    Dumbell Raise 25x15x3

    Standing Dumbell Arnold Press 35x10x3 (very low rest times on this and raises was chasing the pump at this point as)

    I did two lightweight high rep sets of biceps super set with triceps on cables and finished up with some hanging knee raises neither are really worth noting but I thought I would mention it.

    Lots of volume most of my workouts are I felt awesome the whole time even though I had to opt for more machines than I would have liked to.


    1 Inhibit-P upon waking about 90 before I ate breakfast didn't notice much although I was in a decent mood which is rare when I have to wake up early so maybe some well-being going on too early to tell. I'll take my 2nd pill before bed.

    3 caps of Neovar before breakfast with 2 caps of Anabeta. 2 caps Anabeta pre with 1.5 scoops Sx3 and 2 caps Anabeta post with 3 caps Neovar.

    I guess I should mention I am doing IF. I eat all my meals within a 7 hour window the only thing is that window changes depending on class times.

  3. Thanks for setting up the log brah. Inhibit P definitely needs more exposure, very versatile.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative
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  4. i have been a member at bb at least 3 different times in the last 7-8 years, every time i get pissed and let my membership expire, lol. too many cheifs and not enough indians at that place...tears for fears said it best...'everyone wants to rule the world'

    welcome to AM...i hope you find it as good as i have!!!

    oh yeah, inhibit-p, love that stuff!!! good luck,

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